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The Harrison Libraries Committee (HLC) is a standing committee of the Office of the Provost. The HLC receives its direction from and submits its recommendations to the Provost and the Library Director.

Appointment and Committee Composition

  • Membership consists of faculty from each of the seven colleges, with the exception of two faculty representatives from Arts & Sciences and the Director of Harrison Libraries (ex-officio).
  • Appointments are made by the Provost following nominations from the respective collegiate Deans. The term of membership is three years. Members are appointed annually in order to promote the continuity that results from staggered terms of office.
  • The Chairperson is elected, or reaffirmed, on an annual basis.
  • Faculty who have an interest in serving on the HLC should make this desire known to their Dean and the Chair of the HLC.

Range of Responsibilities

  • To provide advice to the University library administration relative to achieving its mission and realizing its strategic plans for supporting the scholarly needs of the University community.
  • To be sufficiently familiar with current library policies such that Committee members can serve as information resources for their college or school. It is expected that Committee members will formally report to the faculties of the school or colleges they represent.
  • To engage library administrators in discussion regarding college scholarly resource needs and to assist library staff in developing solutions that positively affect teaching and learning.
  • To coordinate the flow of timely college curricular information that requires responses in terms of library operations and services, especially regarding college programs involving certification and accreditation.
  • To formulate, with the Libraries administration, recommendations for the Office of the Provost regarding the future direction of the libraries.