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Donna Menhart

Department: Academic and Contemporary Studies, Music Theory, The Hartt School

Title of Project: Sight-Singing Level I for Beginning Ear Training Study

Description of the project: The creation of a progressive sight-singing text using folk song materials.

Challenges of the project (and modifications made to original proposal as a result of challenges): Hmm. No challenges or modifications. I originally thought I would analyze music from all genres but ended up using just folk song melodies, but I didn’t consider that a challenge.

Sources you used, and how did you find them? I actually ended up using only one source: One Hundred Folk Songs of All Nations, edited by Granville Bantock and published by the Oliver Ditson Company of Philadelphia, PA in 1911 (distributed by the Theodore Presser Company). I found this source on the International Music Library Score Project (IMSLP), which is a site for public domain music.

Please describe your “final” product or progress towards your goal.  (How will it be used? Under what licenses will you publish?)  The final product is a progressively sequenced sight-singing text using folk song melodies from 28 nations. The original intention is for TH 120, Elementary Ear Training I at the Hartt School, but this can definitely be used for middle school and high school choirs. I am working with Jillian to distribute the final version to make it accessible to educators outside of Hartt. I am using the CC-BY—SA 4.0 license.

Please share your thoughts about OER.  Strengths? Weaknesses?  Would you adopt/adapt/create more OER in the future? I have thoroughly enjoyed this process! I never would have predicted the joy this research would bring, as I analyzed unfamiliar and some familiar folk songs, learned about the cultures represented, and continually worked towards the music literacy of students at the Hartt School. My research has already allowed me to analyze examples for TH 121, TH 220, and TH 221, and I intend to continue working on this project for all levels of ear training, including graduate levels, at Hartt.

To request a copy of Sight-Singing Level I for Beginning Ear Training Study please contact Jillian Maynard.