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Appraisals and the IRS
History of the Bess Graham
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Fall 2001Published by the Mortensen Library Board of VisitorsVol 9 No 1

Your Key to the Virtual Library — Debbie Herman

In an effort to provide the university community with the most sophisticated and user-friendly tools to access scholarly resources, plans are underway to upgrade the software used to perform critical functions such as the libraries catalog, circulation and interlibrary loan. During the 2002 academic year, the University Libraries will submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the major integrated library system vendors.


The new system will integrate traditional library print resources with the growing and varied array of electronic publications. To that end, the system selected will offer library users integrated interlibrary loan with desktop document delivery capability, automated borrower registration, and direct access to detailed journal holdings, including the most recent issues received, from the web-based library catalog. This feature will improve access to electronic journals, presently a concern in the library community. Stay tuned for updates published on our web site and in future issues of Resources.
Although system migration planning occupies the largest segment of a broad library initiative to expand access to library collections and services, the benefits of completing another expansive piece of this project are immediately visible in the 28 newly installed computers and flat-panel LCD monitors occupying the public areas of the Mortensen and Allen libraries. The Libraries owe a profound debt of gratitude to the William H. Mortensen Foundation for awarding us a $10,000 grant to perform this upgrade and to Information Technology Services for their generous purchase of the monitors.

iCONN Project Kitty Tynan

The Connecticut General Assembly, through the Connecticut Digital Library, has provided state funding to purchase a group of databases to be accessible to all residents through academic, public and school libraries. The goal of the program, known as iCONN, is to provide immediate, free access to timely and reliable full-text information, according to Lieutenant Governor M. Jodi Rell. Rell chaired the Task Force on the Connecticut Education Network, which recommended the development of iCONN.
The first group of databases iCONN made available to all libraries in Connecticut arrived in the Spring of 2001. These sources include general databases at many levels – from elementary school through university researchers, as well as more specialized sources for business, health and education information. All databases are published by the GaleGroup.
In late July 2001, a second group of databases was made available by iCONN. Different databases were selected for the
different types of libraries. Academic

  libraries gained access to information sources in religion, business, nursing and psychology, as well as to a source of statistics from government and other
organizations anda broad full-text news source. Public and school libraries added two full text newspapers (The Hartford Courant and The New York Times) and a biographical database, as well as a collection of databases useful for middle and high school students’ research.
Access to the iCONN databases is available from computer in public, school and academic libraries. At the University of Hartford, users will find the iCONN databases, as well as many others, by starting at the Libraries and Learning Resources homepage. (no longer available).
Current University of Hartford students, faculty and staff may link to our databases from off campus by using their University e-mail username and password. Public or school library users may access their databases from home by entering their public or school library barcode number when prompted.
Allen Memorial Library News Linda Blotner

New Staff
The Allen library is pleased to announce new staff members:
Kaitlin Earley, Public Services Coordinator
MMus, The Hartt School;
BMus, Houghton College
Jennifer Forino, Evening Services
BMus, University of Connecticut/Storrs
Jennifer Olson, Technical Services
DMA, The Hartt School - in progress; MMus, Butler University;
BMus, Moorhead State University
A large gift was received in May from Professor Douglas Jackson, recently retired from The Hartt School. Professor Jackson had a long and distinguished career at Hartt both as an administrator and as a teacher of percussion, conducting, and contemporary ensembles. In all there were 527 scores donated, including staples of the band repertoire as well as student compositions performed by various Hartt ensembles over the years. Another large gift was received from former Vice President Stephen Jeffrey. Included in this gift of 300 titles were many books on opera and the current musical culture. Members of the Hartt faculty continue to contribute to the library. Recent donors include Robert Carl, John Wion, Watson Morrison, and James Sellars.
In addition to these gifts-in-kind, the Allen Memorial Library is also the recipient of donations to the Mitchell Stern Memorial Fund. Created in the spring after Mitch’s untimely death, these funds will be administered jointly by Hartt Professor


Katie Lansdale and Linda Solow Blotner, Head of the Allen Memorial Library, to acquire high-quality editions of the standard string quartet literature. Mitchell Stern was a violinist and violist who taught at The Hartt School and several other institutions. During his career he won several competitions in addition to the Leventritt Award in 1978. He performed and recorded as a member of the American String Quartet, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Music from Marlboro, the American Symphony Orchestra, and the Little Orchestra Society.
Space Renovation
The Allen Memorial Library successfully completed a long-awaited renovation in June. This space change created a Technical Services office where the cataloging and processing of new acquisitions can proceed more efficiently, thus making materials available to library patrons more promptly. It also provided a secure shelving area for the compact disc and video collections, and a much-needed expansion for our reserves collection.
Digitizing Project
In cooperation with The Hartt School, the Allen Memorial Library successfully completed a pilot project over the summer to digitize audio reserve materials. Structured like Mortensen Library’s e-reserves system for text materials, this project will enable students enrolled in music classes to access their required listening assignments from any computer, on or off campus, at any time of the day or night. Hartt and the library system will continue to work together on these audio e-reserves.

Rules of the Road: Appraisals and the IRS John A. Woods

The end of the year always brings questions about donations of personal property to qualified institutions. Property can include books, documents, manuscripts, memorabilia, etc. The purpose of this article is to explain what constitutes a qualified institution, and what the Internal Revenue Service wants to see in an appraisal report filed with the taxpayer’s 1040.
Appraisers and librarians/curators are nervous when dealing with the IRS. The IRS is straight forward with its requirements and issues two bulletins on an annual basis that details the rules concerning how, why, and to what extent property donated is valued, described, and transferred. These bulletins are:
  • Publication 526, Charitable Contributions
  • Publication 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property
Traffic Light
Examples of qualified institutions:
  • Most educational organizations
  • State
  • Charitable non profit hospitals and medical research organizations
Examples of non qualified institutions:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Civic Leagues
  • Social Clubs
Property Donated
If you donate property with a fair market value that is more than your basis (the original amount you paid), you may have to reduce the fair market value by all or part of the increase when you figure your deduction. Generally, if you deducted he expense of an item (medical books when you purchased them, for example), you may only deduct the difference, if any, between the fair market value as of

the date of the donation and the original cost of the material.
One exception is self-generated material. Current tax laws state you may take no more than the cost of supplies required to make the property; i.e., pens,paper, etc. You may not deduct the fair market value of the property.
For each gift on which you claim a deduction of more than $250, you must attach a statement to your return giving the following information:

1. Name and address of organization
2. Date of contribution
3. Description and physical condition of property at time of contribution
4. Approximate date you acquired the
5. The amount you claim as a deduction for the tax year
6. Copy of letter of transmittal to the
qualified organization
7. Cost of the property
8. An estimate of the fair market value or an appraiser’s report
Form 8283
Form 8283, Non-cash Charitable Contributions, must be used when the deduction exceeds $500. For all such items, the taxpayer must provide relevant information. If the amount of the deduction is between $500 and $5,000, Section A must be completed. When the amount of the donation exceeds $5,000 in the aggregate of same or similar property, Section B must be completed and signed by all parties: the donor, the appraiser and the receiving institution.
The Rules of the Road are straightforward: follow the road signs, stay in your own lane, and, if you have questions, ask the IRS, your tax accountant, or a recognized personal property appraiser. © 2001 - John A. Woods.

Mr. Woods is the owner of John Woods Books in South Windsor, CT. He is an appraiser of personal property, specifically Fine Arts and Machinery and Equipment, and a member of the American Society of Appraisers, the Appraisers Association of America, the Manuscript Society, and the Mortensen LibraryBoard of Visitors.

History of the Bess Graham Library Sara Metcalfe
Hartford College for Women (HCW) began as a branch of Mount Holyoke in Hartford. It was established in 1933 when the Hartford YWCA and Mount Holyoke College president Mary Emma Woolley initiated a freshman year in Hartford, which enabled young women of the Greater Hartford community to begin a college course in liberal arts under the instruction of members of the Mount Holyoke faculty.
On September 20, 1939, Hartford Junior College was formally opened at 47 Highland Street in West Hartford. In accordance with the original plan for a strong curriculum in liberal arts, new courses and faculty members from Trinity, Smith, Wesleyan, Yale and Connecticut College were added to the Mount Holyoke in Hartford program. Helen Randall, the first Dean, acted as librarian and built bookshelves wherever there was free space for the growing library. Theodora Newlands, a 1940 graduate from the Hartford Junior College was the first librarian in 1948.
The College moved to its present location (the old Severens estate) in 1959 and was expanded to include 13 acres and a dozen additional buildings. Hartford College for Women (HCW) was made the official name of the College by an act of the 1963 Connecticut General Assembly.
The library was originally housed in the Reading Room of Butterworth Hall; however, it did not offer sufficient space for the collection to grow. The Bess Graham Library was added as a wing of Butterworth Hall in 1965, and was named in honor of Bess Graham, the secretary of the YWCA, and one of the original founders of Mount Holyoke in Hartford.

In 1991, the HCW became affiliated with the University of Hartford as the ninth college. To continue HCW’s tradition of serving the needs of nontraditional students, the Academic Express program was launched in 1997. It was developed to give adult women, most of whom have families and full-time jobs, the opportunity to go back to school at their own pace to pursue a college education or finish an existing one. Classes are offered in the evening, and on weekends, and in addition to the traditional 14-week classes, accelerated seven-week classes were also added.
The majority of Academic Express students have been out of school for many years. To help them regain their confidence and academic skills, special workshops have been developed through a grant from the United Technologies Corporation. Due to other priorities in their lives, Academic Express students have a limited amount of time to do homework or perform research. They therefore prefer electronic resources which they can access from their homes or offices.
Much of the reference assistance traditionally done face to face, is now conducted over the phone or through email. In addition to assisting the Academic Express students, the Bess Graham Library also caters to the needs of the traditional student population who live in the women’s dorms, and the Hartt theatre students who attend classes on the HCW campus.
As the HCW continues to grow and change, so, too, does the Bess Graham Library to better serve the needs of the new and varied student population.

LLR Restructured Mariellen Baxter

The libraries’ Interlibrary Services Department (ILS) sadly was diminished this year when Kim Farrington resigned in January and Margie Petterson resigned in February. Service to the University community, however, was not adversely affected. Susan Boss, borrowed from the Periodicals Department, worked diligently to satisfy patrons’ requests for books and journal articles.
In April, the Libraries were fortunate to recruit Deegan Lukienchuk to fill the Interlibrary Services Assistant position she previously had held. After a lengthy and fruitless search for a new Head of Interlibrary Services, restructuring of services and reassignment of staff emerged as the solution to a significant vacancy.


During the late summer, the Circulation and Interlibrary Services Departments were merged to form the Access Services Department. The services provided by each unit in the past will continue.
The restructuring plan retained existing staff levels in Circulation and provided for two full-time Coordinators in Interlibrary Services. Elaine Sullo was promoted from the Circulation Department Assistant position to complete the ILS staff. Both the Coordinators in ILS are trained to perform borrowing and lending functions, ensuring continuity of quality service for the University community. The Access Services Department is headed by Mariellen Baxter.

Florence R. Toboco Berkman's Gift to the University

Florence R. Toboco Berkman, an avid supporter of the University of Hartford and Mortensen Library, bequeathed in her estate a remarkable art book collection. Approximately 1000 new and wonderful art books are in the process of being catalogued and added to the collection.
Mrs. Berkman was the Hartford Times’s art critic for two decades. She was intent on seeing Hartford’s architectural integrity preserved. She was persuaded to take the position by the executive editor at the Times when her husband died in 1956. Mrs. Berkman remained on the staff until the Times folded in 1976 at which time she began reviewing art for Connecticut Public Television. She continued writing pieces that occasionally appeared in the Hartford Courant’s opinion pages, until recently (1994-96).
Art hath an enemy called ignorance. This saying hung framed with a print of a Joan Miro painting in Mrs. Berkman’s den. It was a testament to her personal crusade to protect the city’s art tradition.


Mrs. Berkman lived on Terry Road in Hartford for 50 years. The house was originally built as a carriage house adjacent to what is now the official Connecticut Governor’s mansion, in 1914, six years after the completion of the main residence. The main residence was owned by private citizens until 1943, when it was purchased by the State for its governors. She was a neighbor of all Connecticut governors during this time. The carriage house reflects all artistic touches used in the mansion. She and her husband were avid gardeners and maintained the property themselves. Her story of the executive mansion and its illustrious inhabitants was told in the Hartford Courant’s Northeast magazine on August 8, 1993.
Mrs. Berkman’s University of Hartford affiliations include: Hartford Art School (HAS) Corporator, 1996; HAS Trustee, 1996-98; HAS Honorary Trustee; Mortensen Library Board of Visitors. She will be sorely missed by the Staff and Faculty of the University of Hartford.

University of Hartford Library Endowed Funds
Endowment funds are created to strengthen the Libraries for the benefit of the University Community for today and long into the future as only the income from the fund is spent. The principal remains in perpetuity so the intent of the donor continues for generation after generation.

Aetna Fund - Established in 1973 for the support of library development
Allen Memorial - Established in 1977 for the acquisition of music materials for the Allen Memorial Library
W. Cowles - Established in 1982 for the acquisition of art books
Jose Garcia - Established in 1992 by Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Kaplan in memory of Jose Garcia for acquisition of Spanish language materials
John Martin - Established in 1977 and 1990 with a gift from W. H. Mortensen and B. Friedlander for the acquisition of materials for the Barney School of Business
Merrill Lynch
- Established in 1987 with a gift from the Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc. for acquisition of books for the Barney School of Business
Albert Putnam - Established in 1991 from a bequest gift from the Estate of Albert Putnam for the uses and purposes of Allen Memorial Library.


William Samolin - Established in 1993 with a gift from Else Sackler for the acquisition of books on Central Asia in memory of William Samolin
Walter Schultz - Established in 1985 with a gift from Ruby and Walter Schultz for the acquisition of art history books
Robert Smith - Established in 1993 for the acquisition of CDs, videos and similar materials for the Allen Memorial Library
Eugene Sweeney - Established in 1985 with a gift from Mrs. E. Sweeney in memory of Eugene Sweeney for the acquisition of jazz materials and art history books
Laurel Thomas - Established in 1987 for the acquisition of art books
Humphrey Tonkin - Established in 1998 for the support of scholarly materials in the 16th and 17th century culture
Turner Book Fund - Established for the acquisition of communication books

Mortensen Library Donors
Aetna Life and Casualty, Inc.
Dr. Jane M. & Norman D. Barstow
Mr. Peter J. Bartucca
Estate of Ms. Florence T. Berkman
Dr. Yvette Blanchard
Mr. John L. Bonee
Dr. A. Richard Brayer
Mr. Clyde S. Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Brown, Jr.
Mrs. Peter Canterow
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Cathles
Ms. Cynthia C. Chamberlin
Mr. & Mrs. Adam P. Cohen
Dr. Susan Coleman
Mrs. Clare N. Cooley Edwards
Dr. Ann Costello
Mr. Joseph Crivelli
Mr. Daniel Davis
Mrs. Alice DeLana
Ms. Mikki Dembar
Dr. Bernard den Ouden
Dr. Mabel Donnelly
Elwer Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Ronald Epp
Mr. Jonathan Fensterheim
Follett College Stores Corporation
Mr. Steven Foote
Mr. Edward Foster
Professor James Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Gaddis
George Washington University
Stephen B. Goddard, Esq.
Mr. Ellsworth S. Grant
Dr. Thomas Grant
Mr. Cleve Gray
Ms. Francine duPlessix Gray
Eunice S. GroarkC
Ms. Marcia S. Hall
Mr. Peter Holubowski
Mr. Jonathan Humble
Dr. Harvey Jassem
Ms. Barbara Klemmer
Mrs. Phradie Kline
Ms. Rachel Kovacs
Mrs. Janet M. Larsen
Dr. Malek Lashgari
Mr. C. James Lawler, FAIA
Mr. George Lechner
Dr. Louise Earle Loomis
James B. Lyon, Esq.

Estate of Mr. William Mead
William & Alice Mortensen Foundation
Murtha, Cullina, LLP
Ms. Patricia A. Myler
Dr. Minerva Neiditz
Mr. Phillip W. Neuberg, AIA
Dr. Geraldine Pellecchia
Dr. Joachim E. Pengel
Ms. Linda A. Pine
Dr. Charles L. Ross
Dr. Chittaranjan Sahay
Dr. Stuart Schar
Dr. John J. Schloss
Dr. Andrew Schwartz
Mrs. Anne T. Shafer
Ms. Julia Sheehan
Dr. Betsey Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Professor Marilyn S. Smith
Atty. & Mrs. Robert H. Smith, Jr.
Staff Association
Stanley Works
Mr. Allan Stern
Mr. John Stewart
Ms. Reha Talley Stewar
tMr. Paul Stucky
Times Mirror
Dr. Humphrey Tonkin
Mrs. Elizabeth Tornan
Bishop David V. Williams
Ms. Susan Wilmarth-Rabineau
Mr. John A. Woods
John Woods Books
Library Director Accepts New Position

Ronald H. Epp accepted a position as Director of Shapiro Library at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH effective August 3, 2001. You may be acquainted with this institution by its former designation – New Hampshire College.
This move to the North Country enables Ron and his wife, Elizabeth, to further their environmental interests and puts them closer to Bar Harbor where Ron is working on a biography of the founder of Acadia National Park.
Ron was the principle author of the first collection development policies drafted at the University. A founder of the Council of Connecticut Academic Library Directors, Epp contributed to the health of academic librarianship and the building of a collegial community of library directors for the State of Connecticut.
Epp’s accomplishments include:

  • Guiding the development and implementation of the libraries’ strategic plan.
  • Strengthening working relationships between the libraries and ITS.
  • Developing a dynamic online directory of more than 600 academic library newsletters of the US (ALiNUS) that sets the agenda for trends affecting higher education.
  • Managing a series of lectures, performances, online and traditional exhibits celebrating the Bicentennial of the Library of Congress.

The Library System wishes him well and will miss his gentle humor and thoughtfulness. In the interim, the University’s Provost, Donna Randall, has appointed Randi Lynn Ashton-Pritting, the Assistant Director, to serve as Director.

University of Hartford Library Staff
It takes a tremendous amount of talent and effort to support the demand and needs of the University Community. Without the untiring efforts of our talented and dedicated library staff, none of what Libraries and Learning Resources (LLR) accomplishes would be possible. They are truly the LLR's greatest resources. With this I would like to introduce to you the staff:

Bess Graham Library
Sara Metcalfe worked at the Mortensen Library for five years before becoming the librarian of the Bess Graham Library last year. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the library which include (among other things) training and supervising student staff, cataloging books, assisting patrons with research, and maintaining library technology. Sara also works closely with the faculty and staff at HCW to develop and implement academic support and information literacy services that accommodate non-traditional students and support the curriculum. She is also currently enrolled at SCSU in Library Science.

Allen Memorial Library
Linda Solow Blotner
has worked for the University since 1987. She heads the Music library, manages and teaches Graduate Library Instruction, handles collection development for the library, and is the editor of Notes.
Diane L. Napert the Assistant Head of Allen Memorial Library came in 1999. She is responsible for the cataloging and processing of all music items. She is also involved with Library Instruction.
Kaitlin Earley joined the library system this summer. She is the Public Services Coordinator of the Allen Library.
Jennifer Forino also joined the Allen staff this summer. Jennifer is the Evening Services Coordinator and is responsible for keeping the library humming in the evening.
Jennifer Olson is the Technical Services Coordinator and joined the Allen staff this summer. On top of a new position and the demands of cataloging, Jennifer is a Doctoral student in Composition at The Hartt School.

W. H. Mortensen Library
Access Services
Mariellen Baxter
was hired in April 1989 as Circulation Librarian and participated in the conversion from the GEAC computer system to DRA. The project that has been most satisfying for her, to date, was supervising the computer cataloging for the Art Plate collection. Recently, she was appointed Head of Access Services.
Marian Smith has been in the Circulation Unit for five years and is the coordinator. Responsible for overdue materials notices and billing, she processes a significant amount of Reserve materials, does online catalog maintenance, and assists patrons at the front desk.
Kathy Roberts, formerly Administrative Assistant to LLR Director Ron Epp, recently was rehired. As Circulation Assistant, she is responsible for processing Reserve materials as well as the weekday opening of the library.

Julio Armstrong, Suzanne Bailey, and Gina Leone work in Circulation as Evening Coordinators. Julio has worked here since August 1998 and Suzanne and Gina were hired in 2001. They are responsible for evening operations of the Circulation Unit, general oversight of Mortensen student staff who work in the evening, and arbitration of patron concerns.
Deegan Lukienchuk is one of the two Interlibrary Services Coordinators who oversees the Interlibrary Services Unit. She returned to the position in April 2001 and is an alum of the University. She is currently enrolled at SCSU in Library Science.
Elaine Sullo, previously worked part time at Mortensen Library for seven months in Circulation is now a full time staff member in the Interlibrary Services Unit, part of the new Access Services Department. As one of the two ILS Coordinators, she is involved in all aspects of lending and borrowing and works with the student staff on a daily basis. She is currently enrolled at SCSU in Library Science.

Beverly Poggio
has worked in the Acquisition Department of Mortensen since 1979. In this capacity Beverly is responsible for placing orders for all books, videos, CD’s, music, scores, and reference materials for the three campus libraries.

Judy Kacmarcik
has worked for the University for seven-and-a-half years. She began her employment in the Bursar’s office and was promoted to Business Manager of LLR. Judy is responsible for budgetary management of all library finances, ensures administrative relations with other academic institutions, University departments, faculty, staff, and patrons.

Randi Lynn Ashton-Pritting was recently promoted to Interim Director of LLR for the current year. Randi has been employed at the University since 1980. Active in both in state and national library associations and committees, she is currently a doctoral candidate in the field of Educational Leadership here at the University.

Ethel Bacon
began teaching piano and organ at Hartt in 1944. In 1960, Ethel became the full-time music librarian and in 1966 took over additional responsibilities of the University Archives. She retired as music librarian in 1987 but continued as part-time archivist. As University Archivist she preserves and makes available for reference the history, unique and fascinating, of the University.

Reference Services
Kitty Tynan
has served as Head of Reference Services since January, 1995. She oversees all operations in Reference Services and the Art Collection in Mortensen. Kitty developed and continues to maintain and update the online Library Skills Tutorial, which is assigned to freshmen in their writing classes, and used by students at many levels. She coordinates Mortensen’s instruction programs. Kitty is also the subject liaison for business, economics, and communication.
Jean Prescott has worked for LLR for 30 years. In her current capacity as Reference Librarian, she assists library users in making the best use of library paper and electronic resources to further their research. She is the library’s liaison to faculty teaching English language literature, cinema, drama, and psychology courses, working with them to ensure that their students have the library resources they need and, through bibliographic instruction classes, the ability to use those materials.
George Lechner works as an assistant in the Reference Department and has been on staff at Mortensen Library for ten years. He is liaison to the history, politics, religion and philosophy, African-American and Judaic Studies departments.
Anna Bigazzi is the Coordinator in the Art Collection, where she has worked for the past 22 years. From her office she assists the patrons in their research, guiding them through the Art holdings as well as the online catalog, databases and Internet Resources. She collaborates with art and art history faculty in collection development, maintains the files of thousands of mounted reproductions, and offers TLC to most of the suffering and needing mending volumes at Mortensen.
Debbie Fowler has worked as a part-time Reference Librarian since January 2001, providing assistance to users in print and electronic resources on Thursday evenings and occasional weekends.
Mary Morelli has worked at Mortensen Library for two years as a part-time Reference Librarian. She provides assistance using both print and electronic resources.
Mara Whitman has been employed at the Mortensen Library as a part-time reference librarian for three years. She works on Monday nights and some weekends, providing assistance to researchers.

Susan Boss,
the Serials and Stacks Coordinator, has worked at Mortensen Library for two years. Her duties include training the student shelving staff, preparing periodicals and theses/dissertations for bindery, and processing incoming journals. Susan serves on the Library Outreach Committee and is currently enrolled at SCSU in Library Science.

Debbie Herman
has been a member of the LLR staff for over five years. She oversees support and development of networked library services and administers the integrated library system software required to perform key library functions such as circulation, acquisitions and the online catalog. Additionally, Debbie oversees quality control of the libraries catalog, a database of over 500,000 items held by the University Libraries. From 1996 until 1999, Debbie held the post Assistant Head of the Allen Library.
Barbara Dessureau has been the Web Applications Developer at Mortensen Library for the past three years and is responsible for the development, design and maintenance of the University Libraries and special topics web sites. This semester Barbara improved the electronic reserves by implementing active server pages and making faculty syllabi and reserve articles accessible by the web. She also designs and produces the library newsletter Resources, as well as logos, promotional materials and bookplates.
Larry Coviello is the Library Technologies Assistant and provides evening technical support for the libraries.

is published twice a year to inform the Mortensen Library Board of Visitors, faculty, staff and others interested in the Libraries and Learning Resources of the University of Hartford. Please email comments to Randi Lynn Ashton-Pritting.