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Thanks to Library Donors

Harrison Libraries’ Donors—July 1–December 5, 2018

The Harrison Libraries are dedicated to advancing the knowledge of students, faculty, and staff by providing the human and technological resources that foster intellectual curiosity and skills for life-long learning.

Your support ensures the Harrison Libraries will continue to remain a thriving learning center that is continuously looking for ways to expand the breadth of its technology and resources for the benefit of our University Community as well as for our larger community. Thank you.

Duffield Ashmead Jeffrey O. Feldmann Malek Lashgari
Randi Ashton-Pritting Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Annamarie Lavieri
Michael Austin Michael Glazier Meredith Libbey
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Peter Grandy Helen Maxson
Barney School of Business Morton E. Handel Helen Maxson
Lorraine Cervero Bauer Walter L. Harrison Nat Reeves
Maxwell Bauman Cheryl Hoffert Christina B. Ripple
Anna Bigazzi Gregory Huntington Jim Rosokoff
Eva Botai Perry Daniels Huntington SME Giving Fund
Tom Bradley Alice Hyland Bridgett Stapleton
Sherry Buckberrough Doug Hyland Catherine B. Stevenson
David E. Carson Cecily A. Isbell Keith A. Stevenson
Penelope B. Chittenden Daniel Jacques Diana Swenhall
Charles P. Condon Anthony S. Keller Colette Switay
Sam Cook Barbara Keller Humphrey R. Tonkin
Susan J. Copeland Robert Keller Charles Turner
Dan Davis George E. Landis Nancy Van der Vate
Deborah Diemente Luella Daniels Landis Jean-Pierre van Rooy
Edward Duffy Robert Lang Durward D. Wakefield
Jennifer K. Eio Bruce Zimmerman