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Winter 2000Published by the Mortensen Library Board of VisitorsVol 7 No 1

Notes from the Director
Celebrating the Bicentennial of our National Library
On April 24, 2000 the Library of Congress will celebrate its 200th birthday. As expected, the Library has developed a multifaceted Bicentennial Program "to inspire creativity in the years ahead by stimulating greater use of the Library of Congress and libraries everywhere."

A Favorite Poem project spearheaded by Robert Pinsky, the Poet Laureate of the United States, is a continuing expression of this milestone. Many of you will recall that the University of Hartford Mortensen Library Board of Visitors had an early association with this Bicentennial celebration when it sponsored a well-received evening of poetry readings in December 1998.

Other Bicentennial activities in Washington, DC include a symposium on the Frontiers of the Mind in the 21st Century, involving leading thinkers who discuss how their fields of knowledge will change in the years ahead, a national photography contest titled Beyond Words which celebrates library structures as images, and an effort to reconstitute the original library of Thomas Jefferson for the 21st century. But how does this relate to the University libraries?

Every library in the United States in no small part owes its essential character to the librarians who developed the collections housed in our national library. Organizationally, the collections of our University library system conform to sophisticated principles that were devised by these District of Columbia librarians at the same time that the three constituent colleges of the University of Hartford were coming into being. Virtually every institution of higher education adopted the Library of Congress cataloging and classification system, which has been flexible enough throughout the 20th century to incorporate new concepts, ideas, and disciplines. Research-centered environments rely on the incomparable collections of books, musical scores, maps, sound recordings, photographs, prints, films, and digitized resources housed in the Library of Congress, which has become the world's largest library. The University of Hartford libraries intellectual debt to the Library of Congress will expand as we increasingly rely on the Library of Congress digitization projects.

Local festivities include lectures, recitals, exhibits, a birthday party, and a softball game. Events will take place from February through December. This newsletter lists events that are planned for the first half of the year. Additional information will be published in hardcopy as well as on our website. (no longer available)

Ronald H. Epp, Ph.D

Bicentennial Events at Libraries and Learning Resources

An exhibit focusing on the librarians, classification system, and collections of the Library of Congress is on display on the main level of W.H. Mortensen Library through March 31.
Events - March 9 - May 31
March 9 - 6:00pm - Auerbach Science Auditorium, Hartford College for Women - Women in the Economics by Professor Shyamala Raman of Saint Joseph College, whose areas of academic focus are economics, finance, and international studies.
March 28 - 7:30pm - ASK House, 1040 Prospect Ave., West Hartford - The Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Collection by Charles Turner, Associate Professor of Music History, Hartt.


March 28 - 8:00pm - ASK House, 1040 Prospect Ave., West Hartford - Works from Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Collection, a recital featuring performances by Amy Dankowski, the Hartt String Quartet-in-Residence, Renee Louprette, Sara Metcalfe and members of the Hartt School 20/20 Program.
April 13 - 12:30pm - Sr. Common Room, Mortensen Library - Recollections of the Library of Congress by Ronald H. Epp, Director of Libraries, and Cynthia Watters, Catalog Librarian, Middlebury College, VT.
May 24 - 7:00pm - Sr. Common Room, Mortensen Library - Book as Art by James Lee, Associate Professor of Printmaking, Hartford Art School.

is published twice a year to inform the Mortensen Library Board of Visitors, faculty, staff and others interested in the Libraries and Learning Resources of the University of Hartford. Please direct comments to Ronald H. Epp at 860.768.4268.

Forthcoming events for June through December will be published at a later date.

For further information on Bicentennial activities, call Sara Metcalfe at 768.4811 or visit our web site. (no longer available)

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