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String Music Subject Guide


Books about the Violin

The Amadeus Book of the Violin
By Walter Kolneder. Allen Library [ML800 K64]
This is a highly-detailed resource covering the violin's construction, maintenance, history (with an emphasis on violin makers), performance practice, historical pedagogy, and repertoire.

The Contemporary Violin
By Patricia Strange and Allen Strange. Allen Library [ML857 S77]
Discusses a wide range of extended techniques for the violin such as harmonics and subharmonics, non-synchronous bowing, different tuning systems, modified bows, electronics, and much more.

Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching
By Ivan Galamian. Allen Library [MT260 G14 P 1985]
A detailed discussion of violin technique from one of the preeminent masters of violin pedagogy.

The Violin: A Research and Information Guide
By Mark Katz. Allen Library Reference (REF ML128 V79 K37)
Bibliography listing other works (mostly books and journal articles) about the violin, organized by topic. Most valuable may be the section on resources about specific violin works.

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Books for Finding Music

Annotated Catalogue of American Violin Music Composed Between 1947-1961
By Jerome Landsman. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 V79 L2]
Listing of mid-20th century sonatas and suites by American composers for violin, both unaccompanied and with piano.

Index of Violin Music
By Wayne Wilkins. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 S9 W]
Lists works for a large number of different instrumental combinations, all including violin.


Journal of the Violin Society of America

Violin Music in the Library

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Method Books - Violin
[* or MT265* or MT267* or MT268* or MT269* or MT270* or MT271*))]
MT262, MT265, MT267 - MT271

Orchestral Excerpts - Violin

Violin and piano
[* or M218* or M219* or M220* or M221* or M222* or M223*)) and subject:(violin)?fq=collection:SCORES OR itemtype:SCORECD]
M217 - M223

Violin concertos (with orchestra)
M1012 - M1013

Violin concertos (with string orchestra)
M1112 - M1113

Violin solo
M40 - M44


Violin Society of America
Lists competitions, conventions, useful web sites, and publications.


Books about the Viola

The History of the Viola
By Maurice Riley, Maurice. Allen Library Stacks [ML900 R54 H5 v.1 & v.2]
This two-volume set covers the history of the viola from the 16th through 20th centuries.

Playing the Viola: Conversations with William Primrose
By David Dalton. Allen Library [MT280 D36 P]
Created from recordings of conversations between violists David Dalton and William Primrose, this book covers topics such as viola technique, practicing, teaching, interpretation, programming, and more.

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Books for Finding Music

Music for Viola
By Michael Williams. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 V78 W]
Lists thousands of works for viola, including solo viola, viola with keyboard accompaniment, and viola with orchestra, as well as a few pages of miscellaneous works with viola.


Journal of the American Viola Society

Viola Music in the Library

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Method Books - Viola
[* or MT285* or MT287* or MT288* or MT289* or MT290* or MT291*))]
MT282, MT285, MT287-MT291

Orchestral Excerpts - Viola

Viola and piano
M224 - M228

Viola concertos (with orchestra)
M1014 - M1015

Viola concertos (with string orchestra)
M1114 - M1115

Viola solo
M45 - M49


International Viola Society
Includes the Primrose International Viola Archive at Brigham Young University.


Books about the Cello

The Cambridge Companion to the Cello
By Robin Stowell (ed.). Allen Library [ML910 .C36 1999]
This series of essays on the cello covers many topics such as history, acoustics, cello masters, repertoire, performance practice, and more.

By William Pleeth. Allen Library [MT300 P72]
This book is divided into four section: The Philosophy of Playing the Cello, The Basics of Technique on the Cello, Teachers and Parents, and The History and Repertoire of the Cello.

One Hundred Years of Violoncello: A History of Technique and Performance Practice, 1740 -1840
By Valerie Walden. Allen Library Stacks [ML915 W15]
Part history book and part guide to performance practice, this resource examines an important period in the history of the cello.

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Books for Finding Music

Bibliography of Cello Ensemble Music
By Claude Kenneson. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 V79 K]
Listing of original and arranged works for cello ensembles, ranging from two cellos to twelve cellos, with a few works listed for cello orchestra.

Cello Music since 1960: A Bibliography
By Donald Homuth. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 V79 H66]
Lists thousands of pieces for cello written in the mid- to late-20th century. Includes works for solo cello, cello with one other instrument, cello with ensemble, cello with tape/electronics, and some other miscellaneous works including cello.

The Solo Cello
By Dimitry Markevitch. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 V82 M37]
Lists about 1000 works for unaccompanied cello, including approximate durations of most pieces.

Cello Music in the Library

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Method Books - Cello
[* or MT305* or MT307* or MT308* or MT309* or MT310*))]
MT302, MT305, MT307-MT310

Orchestral Excerpts - Cello

Violoncello and piano
[* or M230* or M231* or M232* or M233* or M234* or M235* or M236*)) and subject:(violoncello or cello)?fq=collection:SCORES OR itemtype:SCORECD]
M229 - M236

Violoncello concertos (with orchestra)
M1016 - M1017

Violoncello concertos (with string orchestra)
M1116 - M1117

Violoncello solo
M50 - M54


Tutti Celli (ICS Newsletter)


Internet Cello Society
Provides technique tips, information for professional and amateur cellists, a newsletter and library, internet links, bulletin board, etc.


Bass Music in the Library

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Double bass and piano
M237 - M238

Double bass concertos (with orchestra)
[*?fq=collection:SCORES OR itemtype:SCORECD]

Double bass concertos (with string orchestra)

Double bass solo
M55 - M58

Method Books - Bass
[* or MT330*))]
MT322, MT330

Orchestral Excerpts - Bass

Books about the Bass

The Contemporary Contrabass
By Bertram Turetzky. Allen Library [MT320 T93 1989]
Examines double bass techniques in the areas of pizzicato, bowing, the bass as a drum, vocal and speech sounds, harmonics, and miscellanea.

The Double Bass: A Philosophy of Playing
By Yoan Goilav. Allen Library [MT320 G65 C65]
Provides a detailed examination of bass technique as well as a philosophy of playing the double bass.

A New History of the Double Bass
By Paul Brun. Allen Library [ML920 B78 N4]
In addition to a general history of the double bass, this book more specific histories of performance practice, tunings, bass sizes, bows, strings, and accessories.

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Books for Finding Music

Comprehensive Catalogue of Music, Books, Recordings and Videos for the Double Bass. 4th ed.
By Murray Grodner. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 D58 G76]
This resource mostly lists works for double bass in various instrumentation combinations, but it also lists a number of books for the double bass, with descriptions of most of the books.


Bass World

International Society of Bassists


International Society of Double Bassists
This site has information about the society, conventions, competitions, advertisers, and links to related sites.

Lemur Music
Comprehensive source of music, instruments, and supplies for double bassists.


Books about String Quartets

The Art of Quartet Playing
By The Guarneri Quartet and David Blum. Allen Library [MT728 B65]
The Guarneri Quartet, in conversation with David Blum, provide their thoughts on many aspects of string quartet playing, including examples using many different works within the repertoire.

Composing the Modern Subject: Four String Quartets by Dmitri Shostakovich
By Sarah Reichardt. Allen Library [MT145 S55 R45]
Discusses Shostakovich's quartets in general, followed by specific examinations of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th quartets.

Inside Beethoven's Quartets
By Lewis Lockwood and the Juilliard String Quartet. Allen Library [MT145 B41 L63 Q]
In addition to historical backgrounds of the Op. 18 quartets, the "Razumovsky" quartets, and the late quartets, the books also includes conversations with and scores annotated by the Juilliard String Quartet, focusing on Opus 18 no.1, Opus 59 no.1, and Opus 130.

The String Quartet: A History
By Paul Griffiths. Allen Library [ML1160 G85]
Covers the history of the string quartet repertoire from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century.

The String Quartets of Joseph Haydn
By Floyd Grave and Margaret Grave. Allen Library [MT145 H41 G73]
An in-depth examination of the Haydn string quartets, looking at them both in relation to each other and individually.

String Quartets: A Research and Information Guide
By Mara Parker. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 S9 P37 2011]
Bibliography of resources (mostly books and journal articles) about string quartets. Include a large section devoted to resources on string quartets of specific composers.

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String Quartet Music in the Library

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String quartets (violins(2), viola, cello)
M451 - M452


Books about Viols

The Early History of the Viol
By Ian Woodfield. Allen Library [ML760 V7 W]
An in-depth look at the history of the viol from its origins through the 16th century.

History of the Violoncello, the Viol da Gamba, Their Precursors and Collateral Instruments
By Edmund S. J. van der Straeten. Allen Library [ML910 S89 H58]
Although this two volume book focuses mostly on the cello, it does devote early chapters to the viol da gamba and other related early instruments.

Lutes, Viols and Temperaments
By Mark Lindley. Allen Library [ML3809 L74]
Discusses the various tuning systems that have historically been used for lutes and viols.

The Viola da Gamba: Its Origin and History, Its Technique and Musical Resources
By Nathalie Dolmetsch. Allen Library [ML760 D66 1975]
Includes chapters on the history of the viol, sizes and tunings, technique, performance practice, and more.

Books for Finding Music

Published Music for the Viola da Gamba and Other Viols
By Robin De Smet. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 V81 D]
Lists a large number of published works for 1-10 viols, as well as works for viol(s) with other instruments.

Thematic Index of Music for Viols
By Gordon Dodd. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 V81 D6]
Lists themes for hundreds of works for viols. Indicates publication information where applicable.


Journal of the Viola da Gamba of America


Viol Music in the Library

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Method Books - Early Stringed Instruments
[* or MT337* or MT338*))]
MT336 - MT338

Viol and Keyboard Instrument


Viola da Gamba Society of America
A well-organized site where you can find information about the society, events and workshops, grant programs, classified ads, and links to early music sites.

General Resources

Books for Finding Music

Orchestral Excerpts: A Comprehensive Index
By Carolyn Rabson. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 O5 R2]
Indicates in which books excerpts for particular works can be found.

String Music in Print
By Margaret Farish. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 S9 F22 1973 & Suppls.]
Lists about 9,000 works for string instruments, including solo works, ensemble works, and method books. Organized by instrumentation with a composer/title index.


American String Teacher

International Musician



String Music in the Library

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2 string instruments
M286 - M287

2 string instruments and piano
M310 - M314

3 string instruments and piano
M410 - M414

4 string instruments and piano
M510 - M514

String quartets (any four string instruments)
M450 - M454

String quintets
M550 - M554

String trios
M349 - M353

For Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets use the same formulae as Quartets and Quintets,
thus M 850 - M 854 are string octets:


Suzuki Program at the Hartt School
Information on the Suzuki method of instruction as taught in The Hartt School's Community Division.


American String Teachers Association
ASTA's home page includes publications, competitions, conferences, state chapters, and job listings.

Instrumentation Searching

Searching by Instrumentation
You can search the catalog for works of a particular instrumentation. Simply use the "Subject" and "Scores" limiters. See sample terms below.

Subject terms generally follows a pattern, regardless of the instrument. Below are some sample terms that could be used in your search. Just replace the listed instrument(s) with the instrument(s) you want.
  • violin music [use this for a solo work, without any accompaniment]
  • sonatas violin
  • violin with piano [use this for solo work with accompaniment
  • violin and viola music [use this for duets with different instruments]
  • violin music violins 2 [use this for duets for the same instrument]
  • concertos violin
  • string quartets
To determine other appropriate subject headings, look at the "related subjects" field in the catalog record for an an item with that instrumentation.

Omit all parentheses and dashes before searching. In the above example, you would search for string sextets violins 2 violas 2 violoncellos 2.

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