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General Resources

Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law
Mortensen Library Reference PN4783 .A83 2011

A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases 1973-1995
"The Liebman Study" is a ground breaking report examining every capital conviction and appeal from 1973-1995. Full text of report is available in HTML. Adobe Acrobat is needed. Note: Not all appendices are available online. The Justice Project hopes to have them available soon.

Child Abuse: Law and Policy Across Boundaries
Mortensen Library Reference K5189 .H69 2007

Code of Federal Regulations
Searchable text of current US regulations, with link to Federal Register for updates.

Criminal Poisoning: an Investigational Guide for Law Enforcement, Toxicologist, Forensic Scientists, and Attorneys
Mortensen Library Reference RA1228 .T74 2007

Cybercrime: A Reference Handbook
Mortensen Library Reference HV6773 .S3547 2004

Death, Dying and the Ending of Life
Mortensen Library Reference R726 .D4413 2007

Domestic violence sourcebook : basic consumer information about intimate partner abuse, stalking, sexual harassment, and human trafficking, including facts about risk factors, warning signs, and forms of physical, sexual, mental, emotional, and financial abuse in women, men, adolescents, recent immigrants, elders, and other specific populations; along with facts about victims and abusers, strategies for preventing and intervening in abusive situations, guidelines for managing emergencies and making safety plans, interventions through workplaces and faith communities, tips regarding legal protections, a glossary of related terms, and a directory of resources for further information
Mortensen Library Reference HV6626.2 .D685 2013

Great American Court Cases, Gale
This resource from Gale, while focusing primarily on Supreme Court cases, also includes major federal or state cases that set precedents.

Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court
Mortensen Library Reference KF8742 .W567 2004

Handbook of Forensic Psychology: Resource for Mental Health and Legal Professionals
Provide professionals with current, practical, and empirically based information to guide their work in forensic settings, or to better their understanding of the issues and debates in forensic psychology.

Handbook of Forensic Services
The material presented here describes the process by which forensic examinations are conducted at the FBI Laboratory.

Hate Crimes
Mortensen Library Reference HV6773.52 .S768 2003

Human Rights Reports - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for [1993-1999]
Years Covered: 1993-1999
The annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices the Human Rights Reports cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international agreements.

Leading United States Supreme Court State Tax Cases: Official Syllabi, Notes, and Indices
Mortensen Library Reference KF6736 .L43 1994

Legalized Gambling
Mortensen Library Reference HV6715 .H385 2006

Major Acts of Congress
All aspects of legislation are covered, including the National Prohibition Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, the Freedom of Information Act and much more.

National Survey of State Laws
A quick, state-by-state comparison of current state laws -- how they differ and how they're similar -- for a range of relevant subjects from abortion to employment discrimination, child custody to interest rates.

Our Constitution
Mortensen Library Reference KF4550.Z9 R57 2005

The Oxford Handbook of Criminology
Mortensen Library Reference HV6025 .O87 2007

Supreme Court Drama: Cases That Changed America
Profiles major U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have made a significant impact on American society. Each volume is organized by broad legal principles such as individual liberties, criminal justice, equal protection, and business and government law.

Technology and Copyright Law : a Guidebook for the Library, Research, and Teaching Professions
Mortensen Library Reference KF3030.1 .B533 2007

US Department of State: Human Rights Reports
The Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, released yearly by the US Department of State, was designed to give voice to those who have been denied the freedoms and rights provided in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

World of Criminal Justice, Gale
Explains in concise, detailed, and jargon-free language some of the most important topics, theories, discoveries, concepts, and organizations in criminal justice.

Youth violence and delinquency : monsters and myths
Mortensen Library Reference HV9104 .Y6854 2007


Career Opportunities in Law and the Legal Industry
Career Services Shelves KF297 .E245 2007 and Mortensen Library Reference KF297 .E245 2002


Connecticut Law Enforcement Handbook: the Connecticut Penal Code
Mortensen Library Reference KFC4161.A29 C66


The American Dictionary of Criminal Justice: Key Terms and Major Court Cases
Mortensen Library Reference HV7411 .C48 2004

The American Heritage Abbreviations Dictionary
Definition for abbreviations across disciplines.

Black's Law Dictionary
Mortensen Library Reference KF156 .B53

Collins Dictionary of Law
The constant companion for all law students, and the essential reference guide for laymen, particularly business people, and all who desire a reliable guide to the law's special terminology (from abandonee to zero tolerance), including that of European union law.

Dictionary of Conflict Resolution, Wiley
Offers common and varied uses of terms, clarifies differences between terms, and recommends accurate usage.

The Dictionary of Criminal Justice
Mortensen Library Reference HV7411 .R87 2011

Dictionary of Culprits and Criminals
Mortensen Library Reference HV6245 .K64 1995

Dictionary of Law, A&C Black
Provides clear, concise and fully up-to-date information on all aspects of civil, criminal and commercial law.

Dictionary of Spanish Law
Provides coverage of British, American, and Spanish law, including criminal, civil, commercial, and international law.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law
Easy to understand guide to the language of law.


Censorship: a World Encyclopedia
Mortensen Library Reference Z657 .C393 2001

The Encyclopedia of Censorship
Mortensen Library Reference Z657 .G73 2005

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
Mortensen Library Reference HV6017 .E52 2002

Encyclopedia of DNA and the US Criminal Justice System
Mortensen Library Reference RA1057.55 .P34 2004

Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice
Mortensen Library Reference HV9104 .E58 2003

Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
Extensive bibliographies, literatures, reviews, and huge web resource list on legal and economic issues worldwide. Joint project of Edward Elgar (publisher) and the University of Ghent.

The Encyclopedia of Police Science
Mortensen Library Reference HV7901 .E53 2012

Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior and the Law
Mortensen Library Reference KF9325.A68 M33 2006

Encyclopedia of Women and Crime
Mortensen Library Reference HV6046 .E56 2000

Globalization: Encyclopedia of Trade, Labor, and Politics
This work is a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge scholarship on the economic, international business, political, legal, and environmental ramifications of globalization- one of the hottest topics of the day.

Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture and the Law
Comprehensive single source of information on the gun issue to help readers educate themselves.

Legal Systems of the World: a Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia
Mortensen Library Reference K48 .L44 2002

Violence in America: An Encyclopedia
Mortensen Library Reference HN90.V5 V5474 1999

West's Encyclopedia of American Law
Search the full text of the 13 volume, 2005 edition of this comprehensive encyclopedia on all aspects of American law and the legal system. UofH only.

United States - Statistics

Injury Facts (National Safety Council)
Mortensen Library Reference HA217 .A4


Thousands of the leading English language business and management journals. Full text and/or full image available for most articles after 1989. Indexing and abstracts from 1970. Also searches Hoover's Company Records for company and industry information. Made available by, the Connecticut Digital Library.

Academic Search Premier
Indexing and abstracts for over 8,000 journals in all subject areas, with full text of articles from nearly 4,600. Includes some popular magazines as well as scholarly journals.

BNA Tax Management Portfolios
The BNA Tax and Accounting Center offers practitioners a comprehensive array of analysis, news, primary sources, and practice tools covering federal, international, and state tax issues and financial accounting.

Checkpoint (RIA)
Comprehensive full text database of tax information at the federal and state level. Includes codes, regulations, cases and other primary materials as well as secondary sources such as handbooks and other materials from RIA.

the site has daily information regarding all precedential opinions issued by the 13 federal circuit courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. Each day, the non-precedential opinions from all of the Circuit courts except the D.C. Circuit are added, as well.

C-SPAN Video Library
Links to government and public service broadcasts by C-SPAN since 1987

FindLaw: US Supreme Court Opinions
Supreme Court opinions 1937 to present. Legal Minds (community), Laws (cases and codes), Law Reviews, Law Crawler (WWW search engine).

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Search the tables of contents or full text of selected reference books in business, education, the environment, medicine biology, and the social sciences.

Google Scholar
Search for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources. Includes peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, etc. Particularly strong in sciences and social sciences. Selected full text. Many links are to publisher's sites which sell access. ON Campus - links to U of H holdings are available. OFF Campus - U of H users should check our holdings and use Interlibrary Services as needed.

Historical Hartford Courant
Fully searchable images of America's oldest continuously published newspaper, covering 1764 through 1922. Use ProQuest Newspapers for current (1992- ). No coverage is available between 1923 and 1991. Made available by, the Connecticut Digital Library. Full text available.

Historical New York Times
Full images of the complete New York Times from 1851 to 2002. Search by keyword, by date, etc. Images of specific articles or full pages available..

Hoovers Company Records
Up to date proprietary editorial content covering more than 40,000 public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives. Hoover's, widely recognized as a leading provider of corporate data, delivers in depth industry analyses, information on a company's location, summary financials, top competitors, top officers, and more. Full text available.

LexisNexis (Nexis Uni)
Try out the new platform for LexisNexis, which will replace LexisNexis Academic in the future. It covers the same content with an updated interface.

Please note, if you are having trouble accessing or searching Nexis Uni from off campus, please use LexisNexis Academic.

LexisNexis Academic
Legal, Business and News Resources. Legal: US Code, Law Reviews, and other Legal Research. Business: Hoover's Company Records, Business News, Trade Journals. News: National and International, Major and Minor, Newspapers in Full Text

ProQuest Health Management
Find complete, full-text information from leading publications covering all aspects of health administration, including public health and safety, hospitals, finance, personnel management, insurance, population studies, labor relations and law.

ProQuest Newspapers
Search the text of major newspapers including the Boston Globe (1980- ), Christian Science Monitor (1990- ), Hartford Courant (1992- ), Los Angeles Times (1985- ), New York Times (1999- ), including the Book Review and Magazine), Wall Street Journal Eastern Edition (1984- ), and Washington Post (1987- ). Full text available.

Public Library of Law
Fastcase has created the Public Library of Law -- to make it easy to find the law online. PLoL is the largest free law library in the world, because we assemble law available for free scattered across many different sites -- all in one place. PLoL is the best starting place to find law on the Web. PLoL also includes free links to paid content on Fastcase. PLoL is already the Web's largest free law library, but with additional links from Fastcase, it is one of the most comprehensive law libraries in the world. Full text available.

The Supreme Court Database
Searchable online information for Supreme Court documents, decisions and opinions from 1953 to present.


General Resources

ABA approved law schools
Alphabetical Listing of and links to ABA approved law schools.

ABA Network
Home page of the American Bar Association, providing links to selected articles and abstracts in the ABA Journal, ABA publishing, ABA meetings and discussion groups, and LAWlink.

ADA Home Page (US Dept of Justice)
Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and technical assistance documents as well as other information to assist business in complying with the law.

Affirmative Action and Diversity Project: A Web Page for Research
Model resource which explores diverse opinions on affirmative action topics. Extensive coverage of Proposition 209 debates in California with links to policy documents, news reports, editorials pro and con.

America Antitrust Institute
Website dedicated to promoting antitrust as integral to national and international competition in business.

American Bar Association Resource
The Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute underwrites this digital library of the codes and rules setting standards for the professional conduct of lawyers.

American Memory Project (Library of Congress)
Superb collection of American historical links, plus prints, photographic images, and other excellent graphics.

Annual Reviews
Search engine for all 26 of Annual Reviews' products with table of contents and abstracts.

ASIL Electronic Resources Guide (International Law)
American Society for International Law Resource Guide is designed to simplify searching for difficult aspects of International Law.

The Avalon Project (Yale Law School)
Provides digital primary documents in political and legal history. A rich and expanding resource which includes Jefferson's presidential papers and letters, the Hague Conventions Laws of War, the Nuremberg Trial Proceedings and much more.

Beacon for Freedom of Expression
International database of information on censorship and literature on freedom of expression. Produced by the Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression

Information and links on patents, trademark, copyright and internet law issues. Emphasis on software and other technology issues.

Citeus Legalus
The Legal Citation Generator for lazy law students.

Constitution Finder (University of Richmond Law School)
This site offers full text constitutions, charters, and amendments by means of alphabetical listing search keys.

Copyright Clearance Center Inc
Includes legal information, compliance guidelines and litigation results, as well as permission forms.

Copyright Watch
Access to National Copyright Laws from around the globe.

The Corporate Library
The American Corporation and the Economy. Includes a searchable library, research tools, and extensive links to more information.

Drugs Fact Sheet (DEA)
Provides information about effects and use of individual drugs. Includes statistics on illicit drug use in the US.

Employment and Disability (Catherwood Library, Cornell)
Carefully selected and annotated links to information for disabled workers and for employers. Electronic Privacy Information Center
News, links, and documentation on privacy issues, Freedom of Information Act and First Amendment litigation. Includes an online journal, with articles published since 1991 available.

Ethics in Computing (North Carolina State University)
Covering a wide variety of topics related to the ethical use of computers. Includes free speech, e-commerce, social issues, intellectual property, etc.

FindLaw Investigations: Enron
Rapidly growing collection of documents (most in PDF format) related to the Enron scandal, as well as some news and analysis as the case develops.

First Amendment Center
Information on the "five freedoms" - speech, press, assembly, petition and religion - protected by the first amendment. Includes news, essays, analysis, summaries of Supreme Court cases, etc.

Free Expression Policy Project
News and research, and resources on free speech and censors hip issues.

Free! The Freedom Forum Online
News and opinion on First Amendment and other journalism issues. Searchable archive updated daily. Audio webcasts also available.

Freedom of Religion and the Establishment Clause
The "Establishment Clause" was intended to prevent any governmental endorsement or support of religion. While one might intuitively read this to mean that the clause was meant to preclude endorsement or support of some particular religion, it is important to note that the clause also prohibits the endorsement of religion generally over non-religion.

General Statutes of Connecticut
Website that holds the Connecticut Statutes.

Government Accountability Office
Reports and testimony from the investigative arm of Congress.

Human Rights Library (University of Minnesota)
The full text of important international human rights documents.

Human Rights Practices
US Department of State Reports on Human Rights Practices for the years 1995 to the present.

International Economics Network
Directory of links to all aspects of international economics and related fields. Includes links to research papers, statistical sources, news, industry information, etc.

Internet Law Library
Access to federal, state, and other nations' laws, to treaties and international law, and other legal information. Includes search engines for US Code and Code of Federal Regulations.

Jurist: Legal News and Research
An annotated tour through the law resources of the Internet, conducted by legal academics from around the world. Includes home pages, selected online articles, resource pages, and course pages.

Knowledge @ Wharton (University of Pennsylvania)
Bi-Weekly e-zine for the latest in business. Includes interviews, current res4earch, conference reports, book reviews. Free registration is required.

Labyrinth (Georgetown University)
Indispensable guide to the Medieval world online, with extensive links to texts, images, and archival databases. A truly extraordinary resource.

Legal Ethics
Georgetown University site for primary legal materials and gateways

Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School)
The US Code, Code of Federal Regulations, opinions of federal and state courts, state constitutions and codes, and more. All accessible through an easy-to-use search engine.

NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources (Catholic University of America)
Enjoyable, well-organized site for all things medieval. Extensive links to museum collections, primary source documents, and image archives.

Oyez: Supreme Court Multimedia
Superb site with an expanding number of recent Supreme Court cases available in full text and digital audio. Searchable database with links to written opinions of the Court.

Plagiarism Court, The: You be the Judge (Fairfield University)
Plagiarism avoidance tutorial.

Privacy Foundation
News and events about privacy issues. Note especially the Workplace Surveillance Project, which includes articles and interviews on the issue, as well as the Legal Database of case law.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
News on legal actions involving freedom of the press, as well as reports on the topic. Also provides guides on how to access public records, privacy rights, ect.

Reporter's Privilege (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)
Information on the right of reporters not to be compelled to testify or disclose sources and information in court. Includes information about the laws in various states and federal circuits.

Same-Sex Marriage: A Selective Bibliography
Books, Web sites, and articles from scholarly journals on the topic of same-sex marriage are presented. Articles are from 1997 forward.

Sexual Harassment Resources
This annotated list of resources on sexual harassment covers sites from the US government and military, educational institutions, and professional organizations. Topics included are date rape, cyberstalking, and hostile work environments, among others.

Subject Resources (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Links to a wide variety of web-based information resources. Includes databases and e-journals (some of which are restricted to LANL staff). Arranged by subject.

Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, The
Information from an organization devoted solely to the defense of free expression - News, resources, etc.

United States Courts
Provides information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.

The Virtual Chase
Designed for legal professionals but useful to anyone conducting research on the internet. Includes both how to's and links to sources.

Voice of the Shuttle
Extensive links to every variety of Web site in the humanities, law, political science, anthropology, business and media studies.

Women's Human Rights Resources
Searchable web site covering twenty-six women's issue s including education, feminist theory and political rights. Each topic area has three sections: articles; documents; some full text and links to other sources.

Women's Legal History Biography Project
A collection of biographical papers by students at Stanford University Law School. The subjects include living and historic women lawyers. The site includes an index to the profiles, articles, research leads, bibliographies, photographs, and links to other sources.

This site provides parents, educators, and attorneys with advocacy information and special education law for children with disabilities. It provides the texts of case laws, statutes, and federal regulations, including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

WWW Virtual Library
Distributed subject catalog. Megasite, constantly updated.

WWW Virtual Library: Law
Excellent site which provides legal information by topic and organization type. Links to search tools and other comprehensive sites.


2-1-1 Connecticut (Connecticut's community resources database)
Information for approximately 4,600 health and human service providers and 48,000 service-sites to help meet your needs.


Find legal information and a directory of lawyers in the United States.

Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
Locate lawyers or law firms by name, area of practice, location, or language. Includes government and corporate law departments. International. Ratings and Iowa listings (available in print) are excluded.


Bureau of Justice Statistics
Comprehensive federal stats on the justice system. Special topics and related stats provide gateways to other federal departments.

Statistics- International

National Statistics (UK)
Key statistics for the UK with selected figures for regions. Supplied by the Government Statistical Services, with links to other governmental departments, and related web sites.

United States

US CODE (US House of Representatives)
Searchable database of the current public laws. Also provides links to sources of regulations, court decisions, treaties, and state law. An alternative site is maintained by the GPO.

US States and Territories (Library of Congress)
Links to legal and general information sources on all US states and territories. Generally includes state constitution and laws as well as links to the governor and other ranking officials.

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