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General Resources

The Advertising Red Books: Advertisers
Mortensen Library Reference HF5805 .A442

The Advertising Red Books: Agencies
Mortensen Library Reference HF5805 .A444

Annual Survey of Communication Services
Provides estimates of revenues and expenses for the US industry , based on mailed survey 1994-1998. Requires Adobe Acrobat.

Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law
Mortensen Library Reference PN4783 .A83 2011

Broadcasting and Cable Yearbook
Mortensen Library Permanent Reserves HE8700.7.C6 B73

Chambers Classic Speeches
Selection of Eloquent Speeches given by politicians, monarchs, rebels, and intellectuals.

A Companion to Television
Mortensen Library Reference [PN1992.5 .C615 2005]

Consumer Culture: A Reference Handbook
Mortensen Library Reference [HC79.C6 G665 2003]

Consumer Culture: A Reference Handbook
Mortensen Library Reference HC79.C6 G665 2003

Crusaders, Scoundrels, Journalists: the Newseum's Most Intriguing Newspeople
Mortensen Library Reference PN4871 .C78 1999

Encyclopedia of Television (1997)
With more than 1,000 original essays, the Encyclopedia of Television examines specific programs and people, historic moments and trends, and major policy disputes.

Freedom of the Press: a Global Survey of Media Independence
Mortensen Library Reference PN4736 .F742

From Elvis to E-Mail: Trends, Events, and Trivia from the Postwar Era to the End of the Century
Mortensen Library Reference [E741 .D5 1999]

Good Word Guide
Modern communications are breaking down distinctions between formal and informal English, raising ever more questions as to how to speak and write correctly.

How We Talk: American Regional English Today
Essays on Modern American usage of the English Language.

Internet and Personal Computing Fads
Mortensen Library Reference HM851 .B454 2004

Journalism: A Guide to the Reference Literature
Mortensen Library Reference Z6940 .C38 2004

Key Concepts in Political Communication
This is a systematic and accessible introduction to the critical concepts, structures and professional practices of political communication.

Key Concepts in Public Relations
Provides students with accessible and authoritative knowledge of the essential topics in a variety of disciplines.

Key Concepts in Radio Studies
Provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use introduction to the field of radio studies.

MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, 3rd Edition
Mortensen Library Reference LB2369 .G533 2008
Allen Library Writing Center LB2369 .G53 M53 2008

National Press Club, Washington DC
Useful source for politics and government resources for studies in journalism and communication.

Pop Culture Arab World! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
Explores how Arab pop culture has succeeded in helping forge a pan-Arab identity, where Arab nationalism has failed.

Pop Culture China! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
From the modernization of traditional theater to the traditional uses of modern technology, this book presents a guide to the emerging culture of a country that will inevitably become increasingly influential in coming years.

Pop Culture Germany! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
Offers a concise, in-depth overview of the evolution and impact of German media, arts, lifestyles, and recreation, written with a historical perspective.

Pop Culture India! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
Introduction to a diverse nation whose appetite for entertainment has led to some surprising twists and turns in recent history.

Pop Culture Latin America! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
A survey of contemporary Latin American popular culture, covering topics that range from music and film to popular festivals and fashion.

Pop Culture Russia! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
A revealing look at contemporary Russian popular culture, exploring the historical and social influences that make it unique.

Propaganda and Mass Persuasion: A Historical Encyclopedia, 1500 to the Present
A to Z guide to five centuries of propaganda. Also have print Mortensen Library Reference HM1231 .C85 2003

Ripples of Hope: Great American Civil Rights Speeches
Indispensable compilation of the words that have changed American history.

Simpsons Contemporary Quotations
Unique compilation of quotations since 1950.

Standard Rate and Data Service Consumer Media Advertising Source
Mortensen Library Reference HF5905 .S725

Television Program Master Index: Access to Critical and Historical Information on 1,927 Shows in 925 Books, Dissertations, and Journal Articles
Mortensen Library Reference PN1992.9 .D56 2014

The Oxford Guide to Library Research
Mortensen Library Reference Z710 .M23 2005

What the People Want from the Press
Mortensen Library Reference PN4888.S6 S55 1997

Word Histories and Mysteries
Historical look at the use and origin of English words and phrases.

Word origins : the hidden histories of English words from A to Z
Uncovers the often surprising connections between elements of the English lexicon that have become obscured by centuries of language change.


The American Heritage Abbreviations Dictionary
Definition for abbreviations across disciplines.

Dictionary of Communications Technology: Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations, Wiley
Invaluable one-stop reference for IS professionals, consultants and engineers.

Dictionary of Conflict Resolution, Wiley
Offers common and varied uses of terms, clarifies differences between terms, and recommends accurate usage.

Dictionary of languages : the definitive reference to more than 400 languages
The essential guide to the languages of the world, comprehensively detailing more than 400 languages in a clear A-Z style.

Dictionary of media and communication studies
Basic vocabulary of terms used in the media and entertainment industries. Also have 8th edition in Mortensen Library Shelves [P87.5 .W38 2000]

Dictionary of Multimedia and Internet Applications: A Guide for Developers and Users
One-stop reference for developers and users.

Dictionary of Publishing and Printing
Terminology of the publishing and printing industry.

Dictionary of Visual Discourse a Dialectical Lexicon of Terms
This substantial and ambitious dictionary explores the languages and cultures of visual studies. It provides the basis for understanding the foundations and motivations of current theoretical and academic discourse, as well as the different forms of visual culture that have come to organize everyday life.

Field Guide to Gestures: How to Identify and Interpret Virtually Every Gesture Known to Man
Mortensen Library Reference BF637.N66 A75 2003

Focal Dictionary of Telecommunications
The most comprehensive source in the Telecommunications Fiels

A Glossary of Netspeak and Textspeak
Mortensen Library Reference QA76.15 .C79 2004

Hargrave's Communications Dictionary
A treasure of simplified communications terms, definitions, acronyms, charts, and equations.

High Definition: A-Z Guide to Personal Technology
Provides answers to these and thousands of other questions about the technology we live with and depend on.

Historical Dictionary of American Radio
Mortensen Library Reference PN1991.2 .H57 1998

Newton’s Telecom Dictionary
Mortensen Library Reference TK5102 .N49 2013

Prentice Hall Graphic Communications Dictionary
Mortensen Library Reference Z118 .L96 2000

Rawson's Dictionary of Euphemisms and Other Doubletalk
Useful dictionary of English Usage for idiomatic words and phrases.

Rawson's Wicked Words
Study of the use of words and phrases as pertaining to put-downs or insults.


O’Dwyer’s Directory of Public Relations Firms
Mortensen Library Reference HM263 .O37


The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising
Mortensen Library Reference HF5500.2 .D57

Censorship: a World Encyclopedia
Mortensen Library Reference Z657 .C393 2001

Concise Encyclopedia of Advertising
Mortensen Library Reference HF5803 .C59 2005

Encyclopaedia of Business (Capstone)
Reference information of business.

Encyclopedia of American Journalism
Mortensen Library Reference PN4855 .E53 2008

The Encyclopedia of Censorship
Mortensen Library Reference Z657 .G73 2005

Encyclopedia of Communication and Information
Mortensen Library Reference P87.5 .E53 2001

Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications
Explores the ways that editorial content - from journalism and scholarship to films and infomercials - is developed, presented, stored, analyzed, and regulated around the world.

Encyclopedia of New Media: an Essential Reference to Communication and Technology
Mortensen Library Reference QA76.575 .E5368 2003

Encyclopedia of Political Communication
Mortensen Library Reference JA85 .E64 2008

Encyclopedia of Popular Culture (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Search the full five volumes of the 2000 edition encyclopedia which presents signed articles on various aspects of US popular culture. Includes bibliographies, images, etc. UofH only.

Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition: Communication from Ancient Times to the Information Age
Mortensen Library Reference PN172 .E53 1996

Encyclopedia of Television
Mortensen Library Reference PN1992.18 .E53 1997

Encyclopedia of Television News
Mortensen Library Reference PN4888.T4 E53 1999

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics, Media, and Communications
Mortensen Library Reference P87.5 .D36 2000

History of the Mass Media in the United States: An Encyclopedia
Mortensen Library Reference P92.U5 H55 1998

International Encyclopedia of Communications (Blackwell)
Mortensen Library Reference P87.5 .I58 2008

The Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Radio
Mortensen Library Reference PN1991.5 .M84 2004

Shakespeares After Shakespeare: An Encyclopedia of the Bard in Mass Media and Popular Culture
Mortensen Library Reference PR2880.A1 S48 2006

World Press Encyclopedia: a Survey of Press Systems Worldwide
Mortensen Library Reference PN4728 .Q53 2003

Career Information

General Resources

How to Pay for Your Degree in Journalism & Related Fields
Mortensen Library Reference LB2337.2 .S365 2008


American Communication Association
Huge list of resources in all aspects of communication studies research.

American Communication Journal
Scholarly, refereed publication of the American Communication Association. Searchable. Archive of back issues available.


Thousands of the leading English language business and management journals. Full text and/or full image available for most articles after 1989. Indexing and abstracts from 1970. Also searches Hoover's Company Records for company and industry information. Made available by, the Connecticut Digital Library.

Academic Search Premier
Indexing and abstracts for over 8,000 journals in all subject areas, with full text of articles from nearly 4,600. Includes some popular magazines as well as scholarly journals.

Communication & Mass Media Complete
Abstracts and selected full text of journals, books, conference proceedings, working papers, etc. Includes material from CommSearch and Mass Media Articles Index, as well as additional sources.

Communication Abstracts
Years Covered: 1936-Present
Comprehensive source of information about communication-related publications on a world-wide scale. Containing over 244,000 records, Communication Abstracts covers major journals in communication, mass media, and other closely-related fields of study to create research and reference resource that encompasses the breadth of communication discipline and depth encompasses the breadth of the communication discipline.

Communication Complete (Comm. Abstracts and Comm. and Mass Media Complete)
Years Covered: 1936-
Combines the searching for Communication and Mass Media Complete with Communications Abstracts in one complete search screen. Unlock the best Communication information for ease of use.

CQ Researcher
Original, comprehensive reporting and analysis of issues in the news. Published 44 times each year, with each report covering a single issue in depth. Reports consist of background and chronology, assessment of the current situation, tables and maps, pro/con statements, and bibliographies of key resources. Html and pdf versions available. with reports published since 2001 in color. Includes full text.

C-SPAN Video Library
Links to government and public service broadcasts by C-SPAN since 1987

ERIC (Proquest)
The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) database has abstracts of articles from over 775 journals. ERIC also indexes education research in books and contains a massive collection of ERIC documents, with full text online or in microfiche. (Univ. of Hartford has micro going back to 1980).

Essay & General Literature Index with Retrospective
Years Covered: 1900-
Essay & General Literature offers access to tens of thousands of essays that are otherwise all but inaccessible. This resource also unlocks a wealth of information in thousands of collections and anthologies, making your library more valuable to researchers in a wide array of fields.

Film & Television Literature Index
Bibliographic database covering all aspects of film and television theory, preservation, writing, production, technical aspects, and reviews. Abstracts with selected full text.

Google Scholar
Search for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources. Includes peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, etc. Particularly strong in sciences and social sciences. Selected full text. Many links are to publisher's sites which sell access. ON Campus - links to U of H holdings are available. OFF Campus - U of H users should check our holdings and use Interlibrary Services as needed.

Historical Hartford Courant
Fully searchable images of America's oldest continuously published newspaper, covering 1764 through 1922. Use ProQuest Newspapers for current (1992- ). No coverage is available between 1923 and 1991. Made available by, the Connecticut Digital Library. Full text available.

Historical New York Times
Full images of the complete New York Times from 1851 to 2002. Search by keyword, by date, etc. Images of specific articles or full pages available..

Hoovers Company Records
Up to date proprietary editorial content covering more than 40,000 public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives. Hoover's, widely recognized as a leading provider of corporate data, delivers in depth industry analyses, information on a company's location, summary financials, top competitors, top officers, and more. Full text available.

Humanities Abstracts
Strong resource index for all aspects of the Humanities including: Archaeology, Area Studies, Art, Classical Studies, Communications, Dance, Film, Folklore, Gender Studies, History, Journalism, Linguistics, Literary & Social Criticism Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religion and Theology

JSTOR Arts and Sciences
Searchable full text of articles from selected scholarly journals in fields including area studies, anthropology, ecology, economics, education, history, language and literature, mathematics, philosophy, political sciences, sociology and statistics. No current issues available. Historical coverage varies, but database includes some titles from before 1950.

Media Education Foundation (MEF) Media Studies & Communication Collection (Kanopy)
The Media Education Foundation produces and distributes documentaries about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. This site streams full-length films about gender studies and the media.

ProQuest Newspapers
Search the text of major newspapers including the Boston Globe (1980- ), Christian Science Monitor (1990- ), Hartford Courant (1992- ), Los Angeles Times (1985- ), New York Times (1999- ), including the Book Review and Magazine), Wall Street Journal Eastern Edition (1984- ), and Washington Post (1987- ). Full text available.

ProQuest Psychology Journals
ProQuest Psychology Journals™ provides abstracts and indexing for more than 615 titles, with over 520 titles available in full text. Both students and mental-health professionals get access to charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, photos, and other graphical elements essential to psychological research from top psychology and related publications.

Psychology Complete from Ebsco (PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES)
Search PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES at the same time gaining expanded coverage and one stop for much of your Psychology search needs.

International, multilingual index with abstracts of articles, books, and selected dissertations in psychology. Made available by, the Connecticut Digital Library.

SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service)
Advertising rates and other information on publications, searchable by title, keyword, or "class." Access limited to Consumer Magazine Media and Local Media by DMA (Designated Market Areas).

Vanderbilt TV News Archive
Searchable database of abstracts of nightly television news broadcasts. ABC, CBS and NBS are covered since August 5, 1968, and a daily news program from CNN is available since 1995. Special broadcast reports covering significant events are included, as are selected broadcasts of ABC Nightline between March 24, 1980 and September 12, 1988 and all Nightline broadcasts since that date. Video of selected CNN broadcasts is available. Downloading and viewing online video requires setting up a free account. Video requires RealOne media player (free download available). Users may borrow tapes of broadcasts by using a credit card.


EJC/RED: Electronic Journal of Communication
Free access to full text peer reviewed journals beginning 1990.


General Resources

Ad Council
Information by and about the Council, whose mission since 1942 has been to communicate and stimulate action on selected significant public issues. View recent public service ads, access research sponsored by the Council, etc.

Ad*Access (Duke University)
Images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in US and Canadian newspapers and magazines, 1911-1955. Main subject areas: Radio, television, transportation, beauty and hygiene, and World War II.

Advertising Media (
Paper describing and defining advertising media and discussing their audiences, uses, etc.

Alternative Viewpoints on the Internet
Huge annotated list of sources of information outside the mainstream media.

American Rhetoric
Growing collection of text, audio and video of speeches, sermons, lectures, debates, interviews, etc. Browse or search.

American Sign Language (ASL)
This site is designed to help the user become proficient at finger spelling. It also offers an animated finger spelling converter and an interactive quiz.

American Society of Newspaper Editors
Useful collection of resources on such issues as credibility of the news media, the First Amendment, etc.

ASLU (American Sign Language University)
Information with video tutorials and alphabetical dictionary.

Beacon for Freedom of Expression
International database of information on censorship and literature on freedom of expression. Produced by the Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression

The Black Press: Soldiers without Swords
Companion to a PBS film. Includes historical information on Black newspapers, biographies of Black journalists, a timeline, and links to more sources.

Center for the Digital Future
A joint project of UCLA's Center for communication Policy and the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern CA, dedicated to research on the structure and impact of mass media and new technology.

Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Information from an organization looking at the social and ethical impacts of information and communication technologies. See especially "Resources" for full reports and useful links.

CMC Info
Resources and references for the study of computer-mediated communication. Includes resource lists and links to electronic journals. Broad coverage of related fields.

Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI)
Research center at Columbia University focusing on strategy, management and policy issues in telecommunications, computing and electronic mass media. Funded by the Sloan Foundation.

Columbia Journalism Review
Selected articles from current and past issues. Check Resources for expanded coverage and helpful links to additional information.

Committee to Protect Journalists
Organization dedicated to press freedom worldwide. Provides news, regional, and country information.
News and tips for online journalism. Includes extensive links to related information

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma
Part of the University of Washington School of Journalism, focuses on the effect of media coverage of violent and traumatic events. Extensive resources links.

Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920
9000 images, with database information, relating to the early history of advertising in the USA. Search across all or within individual categories. Timeline. Electronic Privacy Information Center
News, links, and documentation on privacy issues, Freedom of Information Act and First Amendment litigation. Includes an online journal, with articles published since 1991 available.

Ethics in Computing (North Carolina State University)
Covering a wide variety of topics related to the ethical use of computers. Includes free speech, e-commerce, social issues, intellectual property, etc.

FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
Media watch group's site offering analysis on media bias and censorship issues. Includes full text articles, broadcast transcripts, related web links.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Offers access to policy statements and legislation concerning regulation of media and telecommunications in the US.

First Amendment Center
Information on the "five freedoms" - speech, press, assembly, petition and religion - protected by the first amendment. Includes news, essays, analysis, summaries of Supreme Court cases, etc.

Free Expression Policy Project
News and research, and resources on free speech and censors hip issues.

Free! The Freedom Forum Online
News and opinion on First Amendment and other journalism issues. Searchable archive updated daily. Audio webcasts also available.

Global Networking: A Timeline
Chronology - from cave paintings to IRC - of technological milestones in communications. Includes references and extensive bibliography.

IFEX Action Alert Service (International Freedom of Expression Exchange)
Daily updates and alerts, as well as a weekly e-zine, on freedom of expression "issues and abuses." Focus is on freedom of the press.

Independent Media Center
Growing collection of pages where independent journalists from around the world can post stories, pictures, video, etc. Evaluate information carefully. Research, Resources and Ideas to Improve Journalism
News, reports and tools for journalists, as well as links to additional sources. Maintained by the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Committee of Concerned Journalists.

Journalist's Toolbox (American Press Institute)
Large and continuously updated collection of articles and links to resources for journalists, including tips for covering hot topics as well as training resources.

Knight Digital Media Center
Designed to help journalists learn how to do multimedia reporting - combining text, photos, video, audio, web, etc. Includes tutorials on equipment and software, tips, and other guidelines. Joint project of the Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley, and the USC Annenberg School for Communication.

Local TV News Media Project (University of Delaware)
Searchable video collection of local news broadcasts from the spring 1998, designed to assist analysis of content and coverage.

The Merchants of Cool
Companion to a Frontline report on the creators and marketers of popular culture for teenagers.
Information on independent bookstores and publishers, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, etc. Includes news and links.

Newseum: the Interactive Museum of News
Online exhibits and other information on the international news media from the Newseum, sponsored by the Freedom Forum.

The Online Communicator
Annotated collections of links to practical information on film, video, audio, multimedia, writing for the media,etc.

Pew Internet and American Life Project
Sponsored research on the impact of the Internet on American society - children, families, the workplace, government, etc. New reports (full text PDF files) added irregularly.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Studies of attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues. Includes summaries of recent poll findings, and a library listing older reports available for purchase.

Continuously updated collection of public opinion on topics in politics, business and the American Scene drawn from US sources. Browse or search.
Daily news updates, as well as "Doing Journalism" guides and special reports on hot issues. "Everything you need to be a better journalist".

PR Newswire
Text of press releases from companies. Also links to industry news.

Public Agenda Online
Public opinion and policy analysis from Public Agenda, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Arranged in broad subject categories.

Public/Private Intersections in New Media (Northeastern University Libraries)
Collaborative project intended to introduce students to key concepts in new media and examine related issues.

The Pulitzer Prizes
Searchable timeline of all prize winners, and an archive of prize winning works since 1995.
Continuously updated news, arranged by type of story.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
News on legal actions involving freedom of the press, as well as reports on the topic. Also provides guides on how to access public records, privacy rights, ect.

Reporter's Privilege (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press)
Information on the right of reporters not to be compelled to testify or disclose sources and information in court. Includes information about the laws in various states and federal circuits.

Rhetoric and composition
Scholarly and pedagogical resources for rhetoricians provided by The English Server at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (University of Connecticut)
Searchable database of the largest library of public opinion data in the world. International coverage.

State of the News Media
Annual report, produced by, analyzing the print, broadcast and online news media in terms of content, audience, economics, ownership, investment, and public attitudes. Includes information on methodology and a bibliography.

Statistical Assessment Service (STATS)
Organization that analyzes, reviews and critiques press reporting and use of statistics. Includes link to online journal of research on the topic.
History, use, and meanings of thousands of Western signs and symbols. Graphic and word indexes. Based on Carl G. Luingman's Thought Signs.

Television Bureau of Advertising
Statistics and analysis of television markets and advertising.

Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, The
Information from an organization devoted solely to the defense of free expression - News, resources, etc.

Voice of the Shuttle: Media Studies
Links to a multitude of resources on performers, directors, films and such special topics as film noir and the holocaust.

WWW Virtual Library
Distributed subject catalog. Megasite, constantly updated.


Publishers' Catalogues Home Page
Search by name or browse by several different categories to find the homepages and online catalogs of publishers.


Harris Poll Current Releases
Summaries of weekly polls by Louis Harris. Current year arranged by date, previous by category.

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