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    World Music - Subject Guide

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    Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online
    Includes over 1,200 essays about music from all parts of the world. This is the digital version of the print edition, which is found in the Allen Library reference collection at ML100 G37.

    Smithsonian Global Sound
    Streaming audio of traditional music from around the world. Includes around 3,000 albums worth of music.

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    Sections in this category: General Resources | Ethnomusicology

    General Resources

    Biographical Dictionary of Afro-American and African Musicians
    By Eileen Southern. Allen Library Reference [REF ML105 S72] Check Status

    Excursions in World Music
    By Bruno Nettl, et al. Allen Library Stacks [MT6 E93] Check Status

    The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music. 10 vols.
    By Bruno Nettl and Ruth M. Stone. Allen Library Reference [REF ML100 G37]. An online version is also available. Check Status

    Garland Handbook of African Music
    Edited by Ruth M. Stone. Allen Library Reference [REF ML100 G37 A] Check Status

    The Garland Handbook of Latin American Music
    By Dale A. Olsen and Daniel E. Sheehy. Allen Library Reference [REF ML100 G37 L] Check Status

    Garland Library of Readings in Ethnomusicology. 7 vols.
    Edited by Kay Kaufman Shelemay. Allen Library Stacks [ML3799 G37] Check Status

    Music Grooves: Essays and Dialogues
    By Charles Keil and Steven Feld. Allen Library Stacks [ML60 K45 M] Check Status

    North American Indian Music: a Guide to Published Sources and Selected Recordings
    By Richard Keeling. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 F75 K4] Check Status

    Selected Musical Terms of Non -Western Cultures: a Notebook -Glossary
    By Walter Kaufman. Allen Library Reference [REF ML108 K21 S46] Check Status

    World Music-a Global Journey
    By Terry E. Miller and Andrew Shahriari. Allen Library Stacks [ML3798 M64 W67] Check Status

    Worlds of Music: an Introduction to the Music of the World's People
    By Jeff Todd Titon. Allen Library Stacks [ML3798 W67 1992] Check Status


    Ethnomusicology Research: a Select Annotated Bibliography
    By Ann Briegleb Schuursma. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 E8 S3] Check Status

    Ethnomusicology: an Introduction
    Edited by Helen Myers. Allen Library Stacks [ML3799 E83 M94] Check Status

    Following the Elephant: Ethnomusicologists Contemplate their Discipline
    Edited by Bruno Nettl. Allen Library Stacks [ML3799 F655 2016] Check Status

    Problems of Ethnomusicology
    By Constantin Brailiou. Allen Library Stacks [ML3798 B81] Check Status

    Theory and Method in Historical Ethnomusicology
    Edited by Jonathan McCollum and David G. Hebert. Allen Library Stacks [ML3798 T467 2014] Check Status

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    Sections in this category: Music | Books: General | Books: National, Folk, and Ethnic Music

    Below are call number ranges for areas within this topic. Use these call numbers to browse the library shelves when you have a general idea of what you want, but don't have a specific item in mind.


    M1626 - M1628
    Folk music

    M1668 - M1671
    U.S. ethnic groups

    M1678 - M1679


    M1730 - M1733


    M1740 - M1746
    Great Britain

    M1748 - M1750

    M1756 - M1757

    M1768 - M1774

    M1777 - M1779

    M1804 - M1812

    M1830 - M1838

    M1850 - M1852

    Topical (work songs, protest songs, etc.)

    Books: General

    ML199 - ML210
    North America

    United States

    ML220 - ML239
    Central and South America

    ML240 - ML325




    ML285 - ML289
    United Kingdom


    Russia and the Soviet Union


    ML330 - ML348

    ML350 - ML355

    Australia, Oceania, etc.

    Books: National, Folk, and Ethnic Music

    ML3551 - ML3562
    United States

    ML3563 - ML3570
    Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico

    ML3571 - ML3575
    Central and South America

    ML3580 - ML3730

    ML3650 - ML3656
    United Kingdom

    ML3740 - ML3758


    ML3770 - ML3775
    Australia, Oceania, etc.


    Topical (labor, hunting, sea, etc.)

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    Search below titles here to find complete library holdings.
    Journal Title:

    American Ethnologist
    Mortensen Library Periodicals GN1 .A53 (Microfilm 1974-1982; Bound 1983-2008; ONLINE 1997-present)

    The Conch

    Dirty Linen


    Journal of African Music and Popular Culture

    Journal of American Folklore
    Mortensen Library Periodicals GR1.J86 A51 (1966-1994; ONLINE 1994-present)

    Journal of the International Folk Music Council

    Music and Anthropology

    Roots World

    Sing Out!

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    Use these subject headings to search by general topic in our Library catalog. Copy the subject heading into the search box and use the drop down menu to search by "Subject". There are many more possible subjects than what we have listed here, but these should get you started.



    Folk dance music

    Folk music

    Folk music africa

    Folk songs africa

    Music africa

    World music

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    Sections in this category: General Resources | American | Area Studies | International | Musical Instruments

    General Resources

    Ethnographic Studies Resources
    A Library of Congress internet resource for information on Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Folklore and Folk life.


    Afrocentric Voices
    This site includes research centers and collections featuring or including a significant portion of material by or about African American musicians.

    American Folklife Center, The Library of Congress
    Site includes full texts of selected publications, digital presentations of collections, a growing list of links to other resources in ethnographic studies, the Folklife information service, and the Folklife Sourcebook: A Directory of Folklife Resources in the United States.

    American Roots Music
    This PBS site explores Blues, Country music, Bluegrass, Gospel, Cajun, Zydeco, Tejano, and Native American music. The site includes oral histories and information about the musicians, their instruments, and the music.

    Archives of African American Music and Culture
    Repository of materials at Indiana University covering various musical idioms and cultural expressions from the post-World War II era for study and research. Online publications include Black Grooves and Liner Notes.

    Music of the Southwest
    This site is down as of 16-Jan-2017. Site includes text, audio, and video organized by instrument, musicians, ethnic group, and musical genre.

    Area Studies

    African Music Encyclopedia: Music from Africa and the African Diaspora
    Includes an index of artists, listings by country, a glossary, and useful links.

    Jewish Music WebCenter
    This site provides "a forum for gathering and presenting information on academic, organizational, and personal activities in Jewish music today." It includes links to research, festivals, publishers, places to study, organizations, featured sites, etc.

    Latin American Music Center
    This site includes many links to online resources about colonial music, composers, electronic music, organizations, performers, and discussion lists.


    Association for Cultural Equity - Sound Recordings
    Contains over 17,400 recordings from the collections of Alan Lomax and his associates. This includes folk music from around the world, recorded between 1946 and into the 1990s.

    Ethnomusicology - World Music
    One of the larger listings currently available, this site attempts to collect a wide variety of links, including sections devoted to organizations, institutions, and archives; bibliography, periodicals, and online publications; recordings; and sites by geographical region.

    International Council for Traditional Music
    Site of the world organization that supports the study and practice of all musical traditions, including urban and popular music and dance, and music research and ethnomusicology.

    Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
    Site for the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution which includes educational materials and a list of their recordings.

    Society for Ethnomusicology
    The society's home page, with information about conferences, degree programs, chapters, and related web sites.

    World Folk Music Association
    With a focus on folk music of the United States, this site includes links to performers' home pages, recording companies, events, etc.

    World Music Institute
    A non-profit concert presenting organization dedicated to the research and presentation of traditional and contemporary music and dance from around the world.

    Musical Instruments

    Ethnomusicology Musical Instrument Collection
    Provides photos and descriptions for over 400 instruments in the University of Washington's Ethnomusicology Musical Instrument Collection. Audio and video clips are also available for many of the instruments.

    Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments
    A resource about instruments from around the world. Site can be browsed by type of instrument or geographic origin, or search the database by instrument, maker, material, or description.

    Virtual Instrument Museum
    Online access to the Wesleyan World Instrument Museum. Gives information about each instrument's history, tuning, technique, notation, context, etc.
    This site is down as of 12/21/2017.

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