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    Plucked Instruments - Subject Guide

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    Sections in this category: General Resources | Guitar | Harp

    General Resources

    The Art and Technique of Performance
    By Richard Provost. Allen Library Stacks [ML457 P96 A] Check Status

    The Art and Technique of Practice
    By Richard Provost. Allen Library Stacks [MT580 P96 A77] Check Status

    Guitar and Vihuela: An Annotated Bibliography of the Literature on their History
    By Alice McCutcheon. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 G96 M1] Check Status

    History of the Lute From Antiquity to the Renaissance
    By Douglas Alton Smith. Allen Library Stacks [ML1010 S55 H57] Check Status

    Lute, Vihuela, Guitar to 1800, a Bibliography
    By David Lyons. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 L9 L] Check Status

    Performance on Lute, Guitar, and Vihuela: Historical Practice and Modern Interpretation
    By Victor Coehlo. Allen Library Stacks [ML1003 P47] Check Status


    Annotated Catalog of Baroque Guitar Music Published Between c. 1600 and 1650
    By Richard Provost. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 G96 P] Check Status

    Classical Guitar Music in Print and Supplement ed. by Donald T. Reese
    By Mijndert Jape, Supplement edited by Donald T. Reese. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 G96 J37 1989] and [ML128 G89 J37 1998] Check Status

    Guitar Bibliography: An International Listing of Theoretical Literature on Classical Guitar from the Beginning to the Present
    By Werner Schwarz. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 G96 S] Check Status

    The Guitarist's Resource Guide: Guitar Music in Print and Books on the Art of Guitar
    By Joseph Rezits. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 G96 R] Check Status


    Harp Music Bibliography Supplement: Compositions for Solo Harp and Harp Ensemble2.
    By Mark Palkovic. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 H2 P34 2002 suppl.] Check Status

    Harp Music Bibliography
    By Mark Palkovic. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 H2 P34] Check Status

    The Harp: Its History, Technique, and Repertoire
    By Roslyn Rensch. Allen Library Stacks [ML1005 R42] Check Status

    Sections in this category: General Resources | Concertos

    Below are call number ranges for areas within this topic. Use these call numbers to browse the library shelves when you have a general idea of what you want, but don't have a specific item in mind.

    General Resources

    M115 - M119
    Harp solo

    M125 - M129
    Guitar solo

    M140 - M142
    Lute solo

    M272 - M273
    Harp and piano

    M276 - M277
    Guitar and piano

    M325 - M329
    2 plectral instruments and piano

    M325 - M386
    Trios which may include 1 or more plectral instruments

    M365 - M386
    Plectral trios

    M425 - M429
    3 plectral instruments and piano

    M425 - M486
    Quartets which may include 1 or more plectral instruments

    M465 - M469
    Plectral quartets

    For Quintets, Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets use same formula as Quartets,
    thus M765 - M769 are plectral septets


    M1036 - M1037
    Concertos for harp [orchestra acc.]

    Concertos for other plectral instruments [orchestra acc.]

    M1136 - M1137
    Concertos for harp [string orchestra]

    Concertos for other plectral instruments [string orchestra]

    Search below titles here to find complete library holdings.
    Journal Title:

    Acoustic Guitar Magazine

    American Harp Journal

    Chamber Music America

    Classical Guitar

    Guitar and Lute Issues

    Guitar Review

    Historical Performance

    International Musician

    Lute Society of America Quarterly

    Medical Problems of Performing Artists

    Performance Practice Review

    Use these subject headings to search by general topic in our Library catalog. Copy the subject heading into the search box and use the drop down menu to search by "Subject". There are many more possible subjects than what we have listed here, but these should get you started.

    Concertos guitar

    Guitar and piano music

    Guitar music

    Guitar music guitars 2

    Guitar with . . .

    Plucked instrument ensembles

    Plucked instrument trios; trios
    [Follow for quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, nonets]

    Sonatas guitar

    Violin and guitar
    [Follow for other melody instruments with guitar]

    American Harp Society
    Information about the society, awards, competitions, concert artist programs, conferences, summer institutes, etc.

    Chanterelle Verlag
    International publisher specializing in classical guitar music.

    Chronological List of All Tablatures
    Includes existing lute, guitar, and vihuela tablatures from 1470 to 1840, as well as books known to have existed but are now lost.

    Connecticut Classical Guitar Society
    Provides a forum for listening, learning, performing and teaching many styles of acoustic guitar.

    Guitar Foundation of America
    Includes news and information about calendars, competitions, teachers, artists, guitars and guitar building, and supplies.

    Guitar Gallery Music
    Online company selling sheet music, videos, and books for all styles of guitar as well as banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass, autoharp, pedal steel guitar, dobro, dulcimer, hammer dulcimer, harmonica, and penny whistle.

    Lute Society of America
    Links to other national lute societies and to their own microfilm and publications catalogs.

    Mandolin Cafe
    The best place on the web for both classical and blue-grass mandolin playing.

    Mel Bay Publications
    Pubisher who specializes in a variety of resources for the guitar.