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    Percussion Music - Subject Guide

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    Afro-Latin Rhythm Dictionary
    By Thomas A. Brown. Allen Library Reference [REF ML437 B88 A4] Check Status

    Analytical and Bibliographical Writings in Percussion Music
    By Geary Larrick. Allen Library Stacks [MT90 L37 A52] Check Status

    Dictionary of Percussion Terms as Found in the Symphonic Repertoire
    By Morris Lang and Larry Spivack. Allen Library Reference [REF ML102 P4 L36] Check Status

    Encyclopedia of Percussion
    Edited by John H. Beck. Allen Library Reference [REF ML102 P4 B4 2007] Check Status

    Handbook of Percussion Instruments
    By Karl Peinkofer. Allen Library Reference [REF ML102 P4 P] Check Status

    Percussion Anthology: A Compendium of Articles from "The Instrumentalist" on Percussion Instruments
    Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 P4] Check Status

    Percussion Ensemble Literature
    By Thomas Siwe. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 P4 S57 1998] Check Status

    Percussion Instruments and their History
    By James Blades. Allen Library Stacks [ML1030 B63] Check Status

    Percussion Solo Literature
    By Thomas Siwe. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 P4 S57 1995] Check Status

    Percussion Work Book
    By Maggie Cotton. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 P4 C68] Check Status

    Percussion: An Annotated Bibliography
    By Dieter Bajzek. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 P4 B35] Check Status

    Percussionist's Dictionary: Translations, Descriptions, and Photographs of Percussion Instruments from Around the World
    By Joseph Adato. Allen Library Reference [REF ML102 P4 A] Check Status

    A Percussionist's Guide to Orchestra Excerpts
    By David W. Vincent. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 P4 V5] Check Status

    Planet Drum: A Celebration of Percussion and Rhythm
    By Mickey Hart and Frederick Lieberman. Allen Library Stacks [ML1035 H37] Check Status

    Teaching Percussion
    By Gary Cook. Allen Library Stacks [MT655 C66 1997] Check Status

    Sections in this category: General Resources | Concertos

    Below are call number ranges for areas within this topic. Use these call numbers to browse the library shelves when you have a general idea of what you want, but don't have a specific item in mind.

    General Resources

    Solo Drum [including Timpani, Side drum, etc.]

    Solo Bells, Glockenspiel, etc.

    Solo other [Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, etc.]

    M284 - M285
    1 percussion instrument and piano

    M298 - M299
    Duets which may include 1 or more percussion instruments

    M385 - M386
    Trios which may include 1 or more percussion instruments

    Percussion trios

    M485 - M486
    Quartets which may include 1 or more percussion instruments

    Percussion quartets

    M685 - M686
    Sextets which may include 1 or more percussion instruments

    M685, M690-692
    Percussion sextets

    For Quintets, Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets use same pattern as Quartets, for instance:


    M1038 - M1039
    Percussion instrument with orchestra

    M1039.4 - M1139.4
    Other percussion instruments [Xylophone, etc.]

    M1138 - M1139
    Percussion instrument with string orchestra

    Search below titles here to find complete library holdings.
    Journal Title:

    International Musician

    Medical Problems of Performing Artists

    Modern Drummer

    Overseas Musician


    Percussive Notes

    Percussive Notes, Research Edition

    Use these subject headings to search by general topic in our Library catalog. Copy the subject heading into the search box and use the drop down menu to search by "Subject". There are many more possible subjects than what we have listed here, but these should get you started.

    Concertos percussion

    Concertos timpani

    Percussion and . . .

    Percussion ensembles [for 2 or more percussionists, each playing 1 or more percussion instruments]

    Percussion music [for 1 percussionist playing 2 or more different percussion instruments]

    Percussion trios; trios
    [Follow for quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, nonets]

    Percussion with . . .

    Sonatas timpani

    Timpani music [for 1 percussion instrument]

    Drum Workshop
    Specific information about instruments and their care.

    Drummer's Web
    With an extensive collections of ads and a growing list of articles, this page also has links to many different sites about all styles of drumming.

    Percussive Arts Society
    Home page for the PAS.