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    Dance in Video
    Watch hundreds of dance videos online, covering the areas of ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, improvisational, and more.

    Listen online in this audio database that contains over 2,000 albums by American composers and artists, from folk to opera, Native American to jazz, nineteenth-century classical to early rock, music theater, and contemporary music. It includes the complete catalog of New World Records; repertoire from CRI , Albany Records, Innova Recordings; and liner notes and essays from these labels. UH access only.

    Jacob's Pillow Dance Interactive
    Jacob's Pillow, located in Becket, MA in the Berkshires, has the oldest summer dance festival in the U.S., and its facilities were declared a National Historic Landmark. This growing collection of full-length dance videos from the Jacob's Pillow Archives includes historic films of the Denishawn Dance Company and Ted Shawn's Men Dancers; recent performances by top national and international dance companies working in a range of movement styles including contemporary, ballet, tap, and traditional forms; in-depth interviews with artists and experts in the dance field; themed playlists; browse lists (artist, genre, era); a dance trivia Guess Game; multimedia essays; archival photographs; and more.

    Jazz Music Library
    Listen to over 10,000 jazz albums online, including recordings from the Blue Note and Verve Records labels.

    Naxos Music Library
    Listen online in this audio database of more than 45,000 albums. Includes primarily classical music, and also some world, folk jazz, blues, and popular music. UH access only.
    Hartt Community Division students: Click here for off-campus access instructions.

    Smithsonian Global Sound
    Streaming audio of traditional music from around the world. Includes around 3,000 albums worth of music.

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    Sections in this category: Classical Collections | Contemporary Classical & Avant Garde | Historical Recordings | Miscellaneous | Organ Music | String Quartets

    Classical Collections

    International Music Score Library Project
    Although better known for providing online scores, IMSLP now offers an increasing number of recordings as well.

    MusOpen is dedicated to making all types of music resources available and free to the public, including these recordings made available by the performers.

    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Videos
    Videos of many Concertgebouw performances, masterclasses, and documentaries.

    Contemporary Classical & Avant Garde

    NewMusic USA Online Library (formerly American Music Center)
    Focuses on contemporary American music, providing thousands of recordings and scores. Includes both previews and full recordings of works.

    UbuWeb is home to all things Avant Garde, including sound, video, writings, and more.

    Historical Recordings

    AHRC Research Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music
    About 5000 recordings from the archives at King's College London, digitized from 78 rpm discs of Classical repertoire, with a particular focus on Schubert songs.

    American Memory Collections (Library of Congress)
    Historic recordings from America's past, including both music and spoken word. Included in this collection are civil war band music, southern folk music, music of the stage, and more.

    Association for Cultural Equity - Sound Recordings
    Contains over 17,400 recordings from the collections of Alan Lomax and his associates. This includes folk music from around the world, recorded between 1946 and into the 1990s.

    Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project (UC Santa Barbara)
    Thousands of cylinder recordings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, made available through UC Santa Barbara Library's Department of Special Collections.

    National Jukebox
    Made available through the Library of Congress, the National Jukebox contains over 10,000 recordings made between 1901 and 1925 on labels now owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Includes classical, popular, and other music.

    The Belfer Cylinders Digital Connection (Syracuse University)
    A wide variety of recordings from the Belfer Audio Laboratory and Archive cylinder collection. A large portion of the collection is popular instrumental and vocal music of the early 20th century.

    The Virtual Gramophone - Canadian Historical Sound Recordings
    Provides digitized versions of thousands of 78 rpm discs and cylinder recordings of Canadian origin or featuring content relating to Canada. Includes popular music, patriotic songs, military bands, classical vocalists, and more.


    Audio Archive
    The hundreds of thousands of recordings available through the Audio Archive include live concerts (particularly the Grateful Dead), radio programs, cylinder recordings, and more. Includes popular, classical and world music as well as spoken word.

    British Library - Archival Sound Recordings
    Although many of the recordings on this site are unavailable to users in the US, it does provide access to interesting recordings of world and traditional music, radio recordings (particularly jazz), accents and dialects, and more.

    Free Music Archive
    Includes recordings in a wide variety of musical genres made available under Creative Commons licenses.

    Sousa: Complete Marches, United States Marine Band
    The United States Marine Band recorded the Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa between April 2015 and December 2016. Recordings and PDFs of the scores for all 55 marches may be downloaded for free.

    Organ Music

    The Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach
    The complete organ works by J.S. Bach as performed live by Dr. Robert Huw Morgan, University Organist at Stanford University.

    String Quartets

    Iowa Digital Library - Stradivari Quartet
    92 recordings by the Stradivari Quartet, covering their entire career from their formation as the Iowa String Quartet in the early 1960s to their disbanding in 1996.

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    Listening on Your Mobile Device

    Naxos Music Library has free apps for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch at and for Android through Google Play on your phone or tablet. Search "NML" or "Naxos."

    Download the app to your phone, then set up mobile access. To do this you will need to create a (free) personal account in Naxos Music Library:
    1. First, get into Naxos Music Library through the Allen Library's (or University Libraries') web page. (It will NOT work if you Google Naxos's generic site.) If you are off campus, you will be asked to log in with your university email login and password.
    2. Click on Playlist (in the toolbar under the search box), then click Sign Up (in the Student / Members Playlists bar). If you already have a personal account, just click Log In.
    3. Create personal playlist(s) in Naxos Music Library if desired (optional).
    4. Log out when you're done. Now you have a personal account, and you won't have to repeat the above steps.
    5. On your mobile device, log into the NML or Naxos Music Library app using the personal account that you created. You can browse private and shared playlists or type a search.
    6. The iTunes app requires iOS 3.0 or later.
    If you receive this error message,
    Your access to the NML mobile app has been temporarily deactivated because you haven't logged in to your NML Member Playlist account through your institution's access point in some time.
    Follow these steps:
    1. Go to Naxos Music Library through the Allen Library's (or University Libraries') web page. (It will NOT work if you Google Naxos's generic site.) If you are off campus, you will be asked to log in with your university email login and password.
    2. Click on Playlist (in the toolbar under the search box), then click Log In.
    3. Go back to your Naxos app, and your access should be restored. Contact Allen Library staff if you need further help.
    Jazz Music Library and Smithsonian Global Sound allow you to listen to your mobile device using two methods. Either method allows you to also access your playlists as usual.

    Method 1: in your smart phone web browser, go to the Allen Library home page. Click the link for one of the databases. (You can also just click one of the links above.) You will be asked to enter your university email login and password. You will be able to access a simplified mobile version of the selected site.

    Tips: when logging in, click Done (instead of Go), then click Login or Submit on the actual web page. Also, once logged in, using the Home icon may break your login connection; instead, use your browser's back button to return to the database's home page. In Dance in Video, you will not be able to create new excerpted clips; do this on a regular computer.

    Method 2: send track links to mobile devices. (Links are active for 48 hours.) You can also access your playlists. Here's how to set up a selection on your mobile device:
    1. When using Classical Music Library or Jazz Music Library on a computer, look for a cell phone icon ( "Send-to-Mobile") next to each title.
    2. Click on the link to get a "shortlink" to send on your mobile device. (This enables playback.)
    3. You can email or text message the link to your device, type it in, or scan it using a QR code (a special barcode readable by smart phone cameras).
    4. When listening to audio on a mobile device, you will need a 3G data connection or better. Service is available for Apple iPhone or Mobile Device with Android OS.
    Need help? Allen Library staff are available to assist!

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    Linking to Tracks
    If you would like to link directly to a track found in one of the streaming audio databases, you need to both find the static URL for the track and insert a link ( to the beginning of that static URL, which will authenticate the user as a member of the University of Hartford.
    1. Finding the Static URL

      • Classical Music Library, Jazz Music Library, and Smithsonian Global Sound
        In CML, JML, and Smithsonian, first click on the "Embed and Permalink" button.

        Next, copy the Permalink. This is the Static URL.

      • DRAM
        In DRAM, copy the URL in the address bar of the player for an individual track. This is the Static URL.

      • Naxos Music Library
        In Naxos, click on the Show Static URL button on the left side of the individual CD page.

        The static URLs will now appear within the track listings on the right side of the page.

    2. Including the Authentication Link
      If the following is not already at the beginning of the static URL, add it to every link:

      The static URLs will not work off campus without this added to the beginning of the link.

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    Naxos Playlists

    Personal Playlists for Students, Faculty, or Staff
    1. Enter Naxos through the Allen Library or University Libraries web site (or at Do not just Google it.
    2. Click on Playlists (in the toolbar under the search box).
    3. Browse playlists created by others, or click Login (or Sign Up) to create and access your own lists.
    Instructors: Create Course Playlists in Naxos for Your Students
    1. Visit (Do NOT use the Naxos links on library web pages.) Please ask a librarian at Allen Library for the username and password, which cannot be shared with students.
    2. Click on Playlists (in the toolbar under the search box) to create or edit a playlist.
      1. Next, click the "University of Hartford Playlists" tab. (These are visible to students.)
      2. Optional: make a folder for your playlists by clicking "New" in the left column under "Folders." Use your Lastname,
      3. Firstname as the folder name. Click "Save."
      4. Click on "New Playlists." Use your course number as the new playlist name.
    3. Now you can put some music in your blank playlist!
      1. Using the Keyword Search box at the top of the page, search for and display a CD.
      2. Select the tracks you want to add by clicking the check boxes to the left of the tracks.
      3. Click the "Add to Playlist" button (below the Play Selections button on left of page).
      4. A small window will open. Use its drop-down menus to set the "Tab" to "University of Hartford Playlists," the "Folder" to your name(if you made a folder), and "Playlist" to your course number. When you are done, click "Add to Playlist."
    4. To edit your playlist (including change the track order), select "Playlists" in the tool bar, then click the playlist name. Use the pencil icon next to the playlist name to edit the list name.
    5. Students will see playlists when they access Naxos through the library's pages and click Playlists. These playlists are also accessible through mobile devices.
    For more detailed instructions, see the
    Naxos Playlist Guide

    Jazz Music Library and Smithsonian Global Sound Playlists

    To create playlists in these databases, see these help pages:
    Video Tutorial for Creating Playlists
    Sharing a Playlist

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