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    Holocaust and Genocide - Subject Guide

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    Sections in this category: General Resources | Dictionaries | Encyclopedias | Genocide: Armenia | Genocide: Bosnia | Genocide: Cambodia | Genocide: Rwanda | Memorials

    General Resources

    Blood and Soil: a World History of Genocide and Extermination From Sparta to Darfur
    Mortensen Library Shelves HV6322.7 .K54 2007 Check Status

    Bosnian Genocide - The Essential Reference Guide
    Mortensen Reference DR1313.7.A85 B675 2016 Check Status

    Breaking the Silence the Generation after the Holocaust. [Videorecording]
    Mortensen Library Circulation Desk DVBA3931 (DVD) Check Status

    Confronting Genocide: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
    Mortensen Library Shelves HV6322.7 .C654 2009 Check Status

    Hate Crimes
    Mortensen Library Reference HV6773.52 .S768 2003 Check Status

    The Historiography of Genocide
    Mortensen Library Shelves HV6322.7 .H58 2008 Check Status

    Holocaust Literature: An Encyclopedia of Writers and Their Work
    This comprehensive scholarly work presents a broad spectrum of voices remembering, interpreting, and reinterpreting one of the twentieth century's most politically and emotionally charged events.

    Teaching About the Holocaust : a CD-ROM for Educators
    Divided into three sections : resource room, teachers lounge, and field trip, this CD is designed to help teachers integrate Museum content into their lessons, develop their skills as Holocaust educators, and plan visits to the Museum. Mortensen Library Curriculum Lab D804.33 .T43 2006 Check Status


    Holocaust Glossary
    Short definitions of more than 100 related key terms to the Holocaust


    Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues since 1945
    Up-to-date encyclopedia on human rights issues from 1945 to 1998 features entries on incidents and violations, instruments and initiatives, countries and human rights activists. Its global scope is ideal for high school and college student research and class debate and for use with Model UN clubs.

    Holocaust Encyclopedia
    Comprehensive online encyclopedia supported by the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945.
    Mortensen Library Reference D805.A2 E195 2009, Vol. 1, pts a-b Check Status

    Genocide: Armenia

    The Armenian Genocide [Videorecording]
    Mortensen Library Circulation Desk DVDS3539 (DVD) Check Status

    Children of Armenia: a Forgotten Genocide and the Century-long Struggle for Justice
    Mortensen Library Shelves DS195.5 .B63 2009 Check Status

    The Great Game of Genocide: Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians
    Mortensen Library Shelves DS195.5 .B66 2007 Check Status

    Genocide: Bosnia

    Genocide in Bosnia: the Policy of
    Mortensen Library Shelves DR1313.7.A85 C54 1995 Check Status

    This Time We Knew: Western Responses to Genocide in Bosnia
    Mortensen Library Shelves DR1313 .T485 1996 Check Status

    Genocide: Cambodia

    Genocide and Democracy in Cambodia: the Khmer Rouge, the United Nations and the International Community
    Mortensen Library Shelves DS554.8 .G46 1993 Check Status

    The Pol Pot Regime: Race, Power, and Genocide in Cambodia Under the Khmer Rouge, 1975-79
    Mortensen Library Shelves DS554.8 .K584 1996 Check Status

    Genocide: Rwanda

    The Triumph of Evil [Videorecording]
    Mortensen Library Audio Visual DT450.435 .T75 1999 (VHS) Check Status

    We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families: Stories From Rwanda
    Mortensen Library Shelves DT450.435 .G68 1998 Check Status


    Holocaust Memorial Berlin: Eisenman Architects
    Mortensen Library Shelves NA1085 .R38 2005 Check Status

    Memorial Sites: New York to Nairobi
    Mortensen Library Shelves TR820.5 .D47 2008 Check Status

    The Texture of Memory: Holocaust Memorials and Meaning
    Mortensen Library Shelves D804.3 .Y68 1993 Check Status

    Academic Search Premier
    Indexing and abstracts for over 8,000 journals in all subject areas, with full text of articles from nearly 4,600. Includes some popular magazines as well as scholarly journals.

    Dissertations and Theses @ University of Hartford (Proquest)
    Dissertations by University of Hartford students. Includes full text for most, especially those published after 1996.

    Dissertations and Theses Abstracts + Full Text (Proquest)
    Describes over 2 million dissertations from institutions around the U.S. (and some international), with citations from 1861 to the present. Includes full text for many of the Humanities and Social Sciences dissertations as well as most UH dissertations 1997-present. Many of the other dissertations are available through interlibrary loan .

    FindArticles (Look Smart)
    Searches for articles in approximately 900 magazines and journals. Emphasis on trade publications. Text only - no graphic content available. Some articles available to subscribers or for a fee only.

    Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Search the tables of contents or full text of selected reference books in business, education, the environment, medicine biology, and the social sciences.

    Google Scholar
    Search for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources. Includes peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, etc. Particularly strong in sciences and social sciences. Selected full text. Many links are to publisher's sites which sell access. ON Campus - links to U of H holdings are available. OFF Campus - U of H users should check our holdings and use Interlibrary Services as needed.

    History Cooperative
    Searchable full text of 16 scholarly journals in American history.

    Humanities Abstracts
    Strong resource index for all aspects of the Humanities including: Archaeology, Area Studies, Art, Classical Studies, Communications, Dance, Film, Folklore, Gender Studies, History, Journalism, Linguistics, Literary & Social Criticism Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religion and Theology

    JSTOR Arts and Sciences
    Searchable full text of articles from selected scholarly journals in fields including area studies, anthropology, ecology, economics, education, history, language and literature, mathematics, philosophy, political sciences, sociology and statistics. No current issues available. Historical coverage varies, but database includes some titles from before 1950.

    Military & Government Collection
    Formerly Military Library FullTEXT. Full text of over 320 history, political science and military related periodicals and general interest magazines, with abstracts of articles from an additional 300 plus titles.

    ProQuest Social Science Journals
    ProQuest Social Science Journals is a definitive resource for those who need access to a variety of social science journals. The database includes over 530 titles, with more than 300 available in full text.

    World Digital Library (WDL)
    The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, digital images of significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

    Sections in this category: General Resources | Genocide: Armenian | Genocide: Bosnian | Genocide: Cambodian | Genocide: Darfur | Genocide: Rwanda | Jewish Holocaust

    General Resources

    History of the Holocaust High School Curriculum Guide
    The Kentucky commissioner of education convened a work group (the Kentucky Social Studies Teacher Network) to review Holocaust curricula and the Kentucky standards to develop a High School Holocaust Curriculum Guide.

    Human Rights (United States)
    Public documents on Human Rights.

    Internet Jewish History Sourcebook (Fordham University)
    Jewish Holocaust

    Connecticut Consortium for Holocaust and Genocide Education
    Pursues avenues for outreach to schools of education as well as organizations focused on Holocaust, genocide, and human rights content.

    US Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Expanding website devoted to Holocaust Studies, with links to historic photographs and archival resources. Features full text of U.S. efforts to recover gold and other assets stolen in World War II.

    World Without Genocide
    World Without Genocide works to protect innocent people around the world; prevents genocide by combating racism and prejudice; advocates for the prosecution of perpetrators; and remembers those whose lives and cultures have been destroyed by violence.

    Genocide: Armenian

    Promotes understanding of the Armenian Genocide through research, analysis, publication, and public forums.

    Genocide: Bosnian

    Bosnian Genocide - History.com
    Details and information on the Bosnian Genocide in the 1990's.

    Genocide: Cambodian

    Cambodian Genocide Program
    The award-winning Cambodian Genocide Program, a project of the Genocide Studies Program at Yale University's MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, has been studying these events to learn as much as possible about the tragedy, and to help determine who was responsible for the crimes of the Pol Pot regime.

    Khmer Legacies
    Khmer Legacies is creating a video history archive about the Cambodian genocide from the perspective of survivors.

    Genocide: Darfur

    Understanding Sudan - PBS
    Offers a diversity of geography, histories, cultures, livelihoods, religions, and languages. Sites of both horrific hostilities and extraordinary peace-making, the two Sudans continue to compel their citizens, neighbors and the international community to consider fundamental questions of nation-building, governance, development, equity, justice, humanitarian action, and environmental change.

    Genocide: Rwanda

    Genocide Archive Rwanda
    videos relating to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi enriched with synchronized transcripts, searchable index terms, and maps. Videos include testimonies of Genocide survivors and perpetrators, Gacaca Justice System court proceedings, and remembrance ceremonies.

    Rwanda: The Wake of Genocide
    Centralized access to a collection of high-quality information resources on the Rwandan genocide that shed a thorough light on the genocide, from its design to its enduring fallout in today's Rwanda.

    Jewish Holocaust

    Avalon Project - The International Military Tribunal for Germany
    Primary sources from the Nurenburg Trials.

    A Cybrary of the Holocaust
    Text and image resources which emphasize the moving accounts of Holocaust survivors.

    Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
    Archive of a collection of videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors. Some excerpts are online.

    H-Holocaust Link
    Site provides scholarly book reviews and helpful links.

    The Holocaust Chronicle
    Originates from book of same title (full text online) with links and new articles updated daily.

    The Holocaust History Project
    Extensive archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust.

    The Nizkor Project
    This website seeks to combat Holocaust revisionism through extensive use of primary resource documents, war crime trial transcripts, and eyewitness testimonies.

    Survivors of the Shoah Virtual History Foundation
    Nonprofit organization founded by cinema director Steven Spielberg dedicated to videotaping and archiving interviews with Holocaust survivors.

    Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education (ITF)
    Purpose is to place political and social leaders' support behind the need for Holocaust education, remembrance, and research both nationally and internationally.

    A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
    An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through text, documents, photographs, art, and literature. Relevant web links included for middle school and high school use.

    Yad Vashem
    Site provides documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust including a database of victim's names.