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    Sections in this category: General Resources | Atlases | Biographies | Dictionaries | Encyclopedias

    General Resources

    American Decades
    Historical information on American History of the 20th Century.

    The American Years
    Mortensen Library Reference [E174.5 .G753 2003] Check Status

    Annual register world events of 2010
    Long considered as essential reading by journalists, politicians, historians and anyone with an interest in current affairs, The Annual Register is a primary source text for historical research and (for the recent and current annuals) a current affairs reference work.

    Cambridge World History of Food
    History of food.

    Chambers Classic Speeches
    Selection of Eloquent Speeches given by politicians, monarchs, rebels, and intellectuals.

    CIA World Factbook
    Statistical information on every country of the world.

    Collins Concise Dictionary of Quotations
    Ideal reference source for speech, essays, and letter writers.

    Columbia Chronicles of American Life
    Mortensen Library Reference [E169.1 .G667 1995] Check Status

    A Companion to Television
    Mortensen Library Reference [PN1992.5 .C615 2005] Check Status

    Complete Fashion Sourcebook
    Mortensen Library Reference [GT596 .P393 2005] Check Status

    Day By Day (1940's - 1990's)
    Mortensen Library Reference [D840 .M45] Check Status

    Family in Society: Essential Primary Sources
    Provides primary source documents focused family in society in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

    Financial History of Modern U.S. Corporate Scandals from Enron to Reform
    The book examines the SEC's full disclosure system in corporate governance and the role of accountants in that system, including Arthur Andersen LLP, the Enron auditor that collapsed after it was accused of obstructing justice.

    From Elvis to E-Mail: Trends, Events, and Trivia from the Postwar Era to the End of the Century
    Mortensen Library Reference [E741 .D5 1999] Check Status

    Geography of the World
    Details each country's physical geography, people, climate, culture, and landscape.

    Government, Politics, and Protest: Essential Primary Sources
    A collection of primary source documents that focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

    Gutenberg Bible
    Complete digital reproduction of the two copies of the Bible at the British Library. Outstanding enlargements. Historical background.

    Gutenberg Digital
    A complete reproduction of the Gttingen Gutenberg Bible (ca. 1454). Each page can be greatly enlarged. Additional related documents reproduced and information on the history of early printing.

    Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures: Continental Europe and its Empires
    Provides an integrated and authoritative body of information about the political, cultural and economic contexts of postcolonial literatures that have their provenance in the major European Empires of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain as well as places like Latin America and the Philippines.

    A Historical Guide to World Slavery
    Mortensen Library Reference HT861 .H59 1998 Check Status

    Human Rights Reports - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for [1993-1999]
    Years Covered: 1993-1999
    The annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices the Human Rights Reports cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international agreements.

    The Hutchinson Chronology of World History
    Chronology of world history up to 2008.

    If the Paintings Could Talk
    Reveals the hidden histories of paintings in the National Gallery, London. With a treasury of fascinating facts, discoveries, and tales, this book describes the flight a work took down a mountainside and the portrait that appeared in a James Bond film, among many other entertaining events and stories.

    Immigration and Asylum from 1900 to Present
    Comprehensive and timely examination of the history and current status of immigrants and refugees.

    Key Concepts in Governance
    Provides a clear introduction to the technical concepts and policies of contemporary governance through short definitional essays.

    Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ancient Greek Philosophy But Didn't Know Who to Ask
    Brings the thoughts and lives of the pioneers of Western philosophy down from their sometimes remote heights and introduces them to a modern audience.

    Museum Careers: A Practical Guide For Students And Novices
    Mortensen Library Reference AM7 .S27 2008 Check Status

    Nonfiction Classics for Students
    Provides critical overviews on the most frequently studied nonfiction essays, books, biographies, and memoirs. Includes discussions of literary format, themes, and structure.

    People's Chronology: A Year by Year Record of Human Events from Prehistory to the Present
    Presents a year-by-year record of human events from prehistory to the present.

    The Reader's Companion to Military History
    The history of war.

    Reader's Guide to the History of Science
    Guide to the individuals, institutions, disciplines, general themes, and central concepts of science.

    Respectfully quoted : a dictionary of quotations requested from the Congressional Research Service
    Compilation of quotations used by the Congressional Research Service.

    Scientific Exploration and Expeditions from the Age of Discovery to the Twenty-First Century
    Details expeditions made in the quest for scientific knowledge from the fifteenth century to the present day. Concise and appealing articles focus on the goals and accomplishments of the explorers and expeditions, and how the sciences - from anthropology to zoology - benefited from these voyages of discovery.

    Ships of the World, Houghton Mifflin
    Maritime history and profiles of specific ships.

    Simpsons Contemporary Quotations
    Unique compilation of quotations since 1950.

    Social Policy: Essential Primary Sources
    A collection of primary source documents that focus on leading social issues of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

    Terrorism: A Documentary History
    Mortensen Library Reference HV6431 .T4594 2003 Check Status

    Terrorism: A Guide to Events and Documents
    Mortensen Library Reference HV6431 .K698 2004 Check Status

    Timetables of History: a Historical Linkage of People and Events
    Mortensen Library Reference [D11 .G78 2005] Check Status

    The United States Government Manual
    The United States Government Manual is the official handbook of the Federal Government. This special edition of the Federal Register is currently updated to provide comprehensive and authoritative descriptions of the programs and activities of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. The Government Manual also includes information about quasi-official agencies, international organizations with U.S. membership, and Federal boards, commissions, and committees. Check Status

    The USA: A Chronicle in Pictures
    Mortensen Library Reference [E174.5 .W45 1991] Check Status

    What People Wore: a Visual History of Dress from Ancient Times to Twentieth-century America
    Mortensen Library Oversized [GT513 .G6] Check Status

    Women's History as Scientists: A Guide to the Debates
    Historical review of the debates surrounding women's contributions to science, with emphasis on access to education, training, and professional careers.

    World Economic Situation and Prospects
    United Nations information on World Economics Full Text from 1947-present.

    World Economy: Historical Statistics
    Mortensen Library Reference HF1359 .M333 2003 Check Status

    World Politics Since 1945
    World Politics since 1945 is essential reading for those who need to understand the great sweeps of contemporary history.


    Concise Atlas of World History, Andromeda
    Historical timeline of world geography.


    Cassell's Peoples, Nations and Cultures
    Cultural information about people around the world.

    Chambers Biographical Dictionary
    International and historic coverage of the arts, science, technology, sport, politics, philosophy, and business.

    Great Irish Lives: An Era in Obituaries
    Unique collection of obituaries of Ireland's most distinguished individuals from the last two centuries.

    Great Lives: A Century in Obituaries
    The lives of the exceptional individuals, from Lord Kitchener to Pope John Paul, collected in the book are first drafts of history which to a remarkable degree have stood the test of time.

    Great Military Lives: Leadership and Courage - From Waterloo to the Falklands in Obituaries
    An authoritative and fascinating collection of obituaries depicting the great military commanders of the 19th and 20th centuries, from Wellington to Fieldhouse.

    Great Thinkers A-Z
    Short, accessible snapshots of the people who have shaped Western thought from the ancient Greeks to today. The snapshots, written by the world's leading experts, describe a major thinker's life and work with suggestions for further reading on each one. Covering philosophers as well as cultural and scientific thinkers - such as Foucault, Darwin, Einstein and Freud - who have had a major impact on philosophy.

    Great Victorian Lives: An Era in Obituaries
    Great Victorian Lives brings together obituaries from the Times of Delane and his successors, and shows how some of the leading personalities of the 19th century were viewed by a paper that was itself one of the defining institutions of the age.

    Marquis Who's Who in the World
    The world's most notable men and women from every field of endeavor. Older print editions in Mortensen Library Oversized [CT120 .W5].

    The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography
    Biographical information on notable women around the world.

    The Penguin Biographical Dictionary of Women
    Biographical information on notable women around the world.

    Who's Who in Gay and Lesbian History, Routledge
    Gay and lesbian history from antiquity to the middle of the 20th century.


    The American Heritage Abbreviations Dictionary
    Definition for abbreviations across disciplines.

    The Anti-Capitalist Dictionary
    This dictionary is an alternative and a counter-balance to the many political dictionaries that ignore or marginalize the history and influence of anti-capitalist movements.

    Chambers Dictionary of Eponyms
    Find the origin of words that derive from a person from history.

    Chambers Dictionary of World History
    Clear and authoritative coverage of the most significant people, ideas, and events of world history.

    Dictionary of Alternatives
    Part reference work, part source book, and part polemic, this dictionary provides a rich understanding of the ways in which fiction, history and today's politics provide different ways of thinking about how we can and should organize for the coming century.

    A Dictionary of Contemporary History- 1945 to the Present
    World history from 1945 to the present.

    Dictionary of Culprits and Criminals
    Mortensen Library Reference HV6245 .K64 1995 Check Status

    Dictionary of Human Geography
    Dictionary of human culture.

    Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology: A Nontechnical Guide to the Social Sciences
    Mortensen Library Reference HA17 .V64 2005 Check Status

    Fashion, Costume and Culture, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear Through the Ages
    Provides a broad overview of costume traditions of diverse cultures from prehistoric times to the present day.

    Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary
    Covers popular, ethnic, religious, and historic events of international, national, regional, and local significance.

    The Houghton Mifflin Dictionary of Geography
    Historical timeline of world geography.

    Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary
    Modern world geography.


    Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia
    History of alcohol and its social impact.

    Andromeda Encyclopedic Dictionary of World History
    World history fact book.

    The Encyclopaedia of the Renaissance
    World history during the Renaissance period.

    Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion
    Design and style of fashion and clothing throughout history.

    Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition in the Transatlantic World
    Examines every effort to end slavery in the United States and the transatlantic world. It focuses on massive, broad-based movements, as well as specific incidents, events, and developments, and pulls together in one place information previously available only in a wide variety of sources.

    Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues since 1945
    Up-to-date encyclopedia on human rights issues from 1945 to 1998 features entries on incidents and violations, instruments and initiatives, countries and human rights activists. Its global scope is ideal for high school and college student research and class debate and for use with Model UN clubs.

    Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
    Looks at Islam's role in the modern world, doing so in the context of the religion's history and development over the last 13 centuries.

    Encyclopedia of Popular Culture (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
    Search the full five volumes of the 2000 edition encyclopedia which presents signed articles on various aspects of US popular culture. Includes bibliographies, images, etc. UofH only.

    Encyclopedia of Race and Racism
    Examines the anthropological, sociological, historical, economic, and scientific theories of race and racism in the modem era.

    Encyclopedia of Terrorism
    Mortensen Library Reference HV6431 .K883 2003 Check Status

    Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850
    Analytical articles pertaining to the Romantic era.

    Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict
    Provides crucial and contemporary information about antagonism and reconciliation within both the public and private realms from violence and nonviolence toward the aged population to youth violence.

    Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism since 1450
    Provides students and researchers with a much-needed, comprehensive resource on the subject of colonialism and expansion.

    Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers
    Women's struggles to reform society from the 18th century to the present.

    Encyclopedia of world history : ancient, medieval, and modern, chronologically arranged
    World history from prehistoric times to the year 2000.

    Encyclopedia of World Trade From Ancient Times to the Present
    This is the definitive reference on the history of trade in all time periods. It traces the historical and contemporary interaction of trade, commerce, and culture in fascinating detail.

    Legal Systems of the World: a Political, Social, and Cultural Encyclopedia
    Mortensen Library Reference K48 .L44 2002 Check Status

    The Macquarie Encyclopedia of Australian Events
    All-encompassing history of Australia.

    The Mafia Encyclopedia
    Mortensen Library Reference HV6441 .S53 1999 Check Status

    Penguin Encyclopedia of Places
    Historical timeline of world geography.

    Science in the Ancient World: An Encyclopedia
    Guide to the achievements and legacy of more tham four millennia of scientific thought in the ancient world.

    Science in the Early Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia
    Guide to key scientific trends, discoveries, and personalities in science from 1900 to 1950.

    Science in the Enlightenment: An Encyclopedia
    Guide to key scientific trends, discoveries, and personalities in science from 1600 to 1820.

    ABI/INFORM Complete
    Thousands of the leading English language business and management journals. Full text and/or full image available for most articles after 1989. Indexing and abstracts from 1970. Also searches Hoover's Company Records for company and industry information. Made available by iCONN.org, the Connecticut Digital Library.

    Academic Search Premier
    Indexing and abstracts for over 8,000 journals in all subject areas, with full text of articles from nearly 4,600. Includes some popular magazines as well as scholarly journals.

    Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-Present
    Provides biographical information on the more than 13,000 persons who have served in the United States Congress, including those who served in the Continental Congress.

    CQ Researcher
    Original, comprehensive reporting and analysis of issues in the news. Published 44 times each year, with each report covering a single issue in depth. Reports consist of background and chronology, assessment of the current situation, tables and maps, pro/con statements, and bibliographies of key resources. Html and pdf versions available. with reports published since 2001 in color. Includes full text.

    C-SPAN Video Library
    Links to government and public service broadcasts by C-SPAN since 1987

    Dissertations and Theses @ University of Hartford (Proquest)
    Dissertations by University of Hartford students. Includes full text for most, especially those published after 1996.

    Dissertations and Theses Abstracts + Full Text (Proquest)
    Describes over 2 million dissertations from institutions around the U.S. (and some international), with citations from 1861 to the present. Includes full text for many of the Humanities and Social Sciences dissertations as well as most UH dissertations 1997-present. Many of the other dissertations are available through interlibrary loan .

    Essay & General Literature Index with Retrospective
    Years Covered: 1900-
    Essay & General Literature offers access to tens of thousands of essays that are otherwise all but inaccessible. This resource also unlocks a wealth of information in thousands of collections and anthologies, making your library more valuable to researchers in a wide array of fields.

    European History Primary Sources
    Index of scholarly websites that offer online access to digitized primary sources on the history of Europe.

    European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750
    This new bibliographic database is a valuable index for libraries, scholars and individuals interested in European works that relate to the Americas. EBSCO Publishing, in cooperation with the John Carter Brown Library, has created this resource from European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to The Americas, 1493-1750, the authoritative bibliography that is well-known and respected by scholars worldwide. The database contains more than 32,000 entries and is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750.

    FedFlix (US Government produced Film Database)
    Featuring the best movies of the United States Government, from training films to history, from our national parks to the U.S. Fire Academy and the Postal Inspectors, all of these fine films are available for reuse without any restrictions whatsoever.

    Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
    Covers journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages.

    First Nations Periodical Index
    Contains journals of mainly Canadian Native content. This Index is a tool providing access to information about First Nations for students (high school or university), educators, instructors and researchers.

    Founders Early Access
    The Rotunda Founders Early Access project makes available thousands of unpublished documents from our nations founders in a free online resource.

    Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia
    Basic encyclopedia with brief information about a broad range of topics. Full text. Check Status

    Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Search the tables of contents or full text of selected reference books in business, education, the environment, medicine biology, and the social sciences.

    Google Scholar
    Search for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources. Includes peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, etc. Particularly strong in sciences and social sciences. Selected full text. Many links are to publisher's sites which sell access. ON Campus - links to U of H holdings are available. OFF Campus - U of H users should check our holdings and use Interlibrary Services as needed.

    Historical Hartford Courant
    Fully searchable images of America's oldest continuously published newspaper, covering 1764 through 1922. Use ProQuest Newspapers for current (1992- ). No coverage is available between 1923 and 1991. Made available by iCONN.org, the Connecticut Digital Library. Full text available.

    Historical New York Times
    Full images of the complete New York Times from 1851 to 2002. Search by keyword, by date, etc. Images of specific articles or full pages available..

    History Cooperative
    Searchable full text of 16 scholarly journals in American history.

    History Reference Center
    Offers full text from more than 1,620 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books, cover to cover full text for more than 150 leading history periodicals, nearly 57,000 historical documents, more than 78,000 biographies of historical figures, more than 113,000 historical photos and maps, and more than 80 hours of historical video.

    Humanities Abstracts
    Strong resource index for all aspects of the Humanities including: Archaeology, Area Studies, Art, Classical Studies, Communications, Dance, Film, Folklore, Gender Studies, History, Journalism, Linguistics, Literary & Social Criticism Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Religion and Theology

    JSTOR Arts and Sciences
    Searchable full text of articles from selected scholarly journals in fields including area studies, anthropology, ecology, economics, education, history, language and literature, mathematics, philosophy, political sciences, sociology and statistics. No current issues available. Historical coverage varies, but database includes some titles from before 1950.

    Military & Government Collection
    Formerly Military Library FullTEXT. Full text of over 320 history, political science and military related periodicals and general interest magazines, with abstracts of articles from an additional 300 plus titles.

    National Portrait Gallery Portrait Search
    survey of American portraits in public and private collections across the United States and abroad. The CAP encompasses portraits of American subjects or by American artists, generally limited to one-of-a-kind likenesses such as paintings, sculpture, drawings, miniatures, and silhouettes.

    NDLTD: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
    NDLTD Union Catalog contains more than one million records of electronic theses and dissertations and includes links to other databases of electronic theses and dissertations.

    The New York Times (nytimes.com)
    Full text coverage of New York Times to 1855 with access to New York Times Online Edition. You must create your own account with a valid University of Hartford email address.

    OED Online (Oxford English Dictionary)
    Search the definitive dictionary of the English language, complete and continuously updated. Provides definitions, etymology, and history of usage with examples over time. UofH users only. Full text.

    PILOTS: Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress
    Includes citations to all literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental-health sequelae of traumatic events, without disciplinary, linguistic, or geographical limitations, and to offer both current and retrospective coverage.

    ProQuest Newspapers
    Search the text of major newspapers including the Boston Globe (1980- ), Christian Science Monitor (1990- ), Hartford Courant (1992- ), Los Angeles Times (1985- ), New York Times (1999- ), including the Book Review and Magazine), Wall Street Journal Eastern Edition (1984- ), and Washington Post (1987- ). Full text available.

    ProQuest Social Science Journals
    ProQuest Social Science Journals is a definitive resource for those who need access to a variety of social science journals. The database includes over 530 titles, with more than 300 available in full text.

    Public Library of Law
    Fastcase has created the Public Library of Law -- to make it easy to find the law online. PLoL is the largest free law library in the world, because we assemble law available for free scattered across many different sites -- all in one place. PLoL is the best starting place to find law on the Web. PLoL also includes free links to paid content on Fastcase. PLoL is already the Web's largest free law library, but with additional links from Fastcase, it is one of the most comprehensive law libraries in the world. Full text available.

    RAMBI - The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies
    A selective bibliography of articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of Eretz Israel.

    The Supreme Court Database
    Searchable online information for Supreme Court documents, decisions and opinions from 1953 to present.

    Vanderbilt TV News Archive
    Searchable database of abstracts of nightly television news broadcasts. ABC, CBS and NBS are covered since August 5, 1968, and a daily news program from CNN is available since 1995. Special broadcast reports covering significant events are included, as are selected broadcasts of ABC Nightline between March 24, 1980 and September 12, 1988 and all Nightline broadcasts since that date. Video of selected CNN broadcasts is available. Downloading and viewing online video requires setting up a free account. Video requires RealOne media player (free download available). Users may borrow tapes of broadcasts by using a credit card.

    Women Working, 1870-1930
    Focuses on women's role in the United States economy and provides access to digitized historical, manuscript, and image resources selected from Harvard University's library and museum collections.

    World Bank Open Data
    Vast collection of economic, social, population, and development data with no restrictions and at no cost.

    World Digital Library (WDL)
    The World Digital Library (WDL) makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, digital images of significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world.

    Use these subject headings to search by general topic in our Library catalog. Copy the subject heading into the search box and use the drop down menu to search by "Subject". There are many more possible subjects than what we have listed here, but these should get you started.

    Music history

    Sections in this category: General Resources | Atlases | Statistics | Statistics- International | Statistics- United States

    General Resources

    Ad*Access (Duke University)
    Images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in US and Canadian newspapers and magazines, 1911-1955. Main subject areas: Radio, television, transportation, beauty and hygiene, and World War II.

    American Jewish Historical Society
    Scholarly resource with extensive collections (in excess of 40 million documents) and archival holding relating to American Jewish social, cultural, and religious life.

    American Memory Collections: Motion Pictures (Library of Congress)
    Background information, essays, stills, biographies and bibliographies for each. Plug-in needed to view full movie.

    Arts and Letters Daily
    A daily survey of "breakthrough" publications in philosophy, aesthetics, literature, and other humanistic disciplines.

    The Avalon Project (Yale Law School)
    Provides digital primary documents in political and legal history. A rich and expanding resource which includes Jefferson's presidential papers and letters, the Hague Conventions Laws of War, the Nuremberg Trial Proceedings and much more.

    Background Notes (US State Department)
    Periodically updated information on countries and international organizations.

    Band Music of the Civil War Era
    The Library of Congress' collection of digitized band music scores from the civil war era.

    Biodiversity Heritage Library
    The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) is a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries that cooperate to digitize and make accessible the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections and to make that literature available for open access and responsible use as a part of a global biodiversity commons.

    Bissonnette on Costume
    Search through the history of Fashion and costumes through this visual dictionary of fashion.

    Center for World Indigenous Studies
    The Center for World Indigenous Studies website contains an extensive range of primary documents relating to issues of sovereignty, tribal law, human rights issues.

    Darwin Correspondence Project
    A catalog with summaries of all letters to and from Charles Darwin known to the project.

    Directory of Digitized Collections (UNESCO)
    Catalog of digitized heritage collections -- literature, art, history, etc - around the world. Keyword search or browse.

    dMarie Time Capsule
    Enter a date between 1900 and 1999 and get brief information on major events.

    Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850-1920
    9000 images, with database information, relating to the early history of advertising in the USA. Search across all or within individual categories. Timeline.

    Contains 750 content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History.

    Flags of the World
    Comprehensive collection of current and past world flags with graphic images and historical texts.

    Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
    Archive of a collection of videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors. Some excerpts are online.

    Global Networking: A Timeline
    Chronology - from cave paintings to IRC - of technological milestones in communications. Includes references and extensive bibliography.

    Historical Text Archive: History of the United States (Mississippi State University)
    Links to archival materials and primary source documents in United States History.

    History Matters
    History Matters is an excellent resource for high school and university history teachers, offering hundreds of primary documents and audio clips, an impressive webliography, and a useful reference section which links to resources on standards, citing and evaluating websites, and understanding copyright and fair use laws.

    The History Net (National Historical Society)
    A wealth of information is provided in this well-produced history site: full text articles, eyewitness accounts, extensive interviews, and suggestions for historic travel.

    H-Net Humanities Online (Michigan State University)
    Comprehensive links to discussion list home pages.

    Internet History Sourcebooks Project
    The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.

    Internet Women's History Sourcebook (Fordham University)
    A collection of historical texts for educational use covering women from ancient history to modern times. Topics are covered for individual countries within specific historical periods.

    Jewish Virtual Library
    Very well-organized and detailed cyber-library with an expanding wealth of Jewish topics and resources.

    Life magazine presents online exhibits of photo essays from past issues of the magazine- Check the quick index for easy navigation. Link to Life Homepage for current events.

    Information about the Internet, WWW, email, chats, etc., including history, how-to, discussions of importance and security issues, etc. Also links to Internet news sources.

    National Center for History in the Schools
    The UCLA Department of History hosts the National Center for History in the Schools, a site that host standards for the teaching of history. From the NCHS: 'The Centers first projects were the National History Standards for History for grades 5-12 and a second set of standards for kindergarten through 4th grade. More recently, NCHS has developed materials for World History including World History for Us All: The Big Eras: A Compact History of Humankind for Teachers and Students. In addition the Center has published over 80 teaching units in U.S. and World History that draw on historical primary sources and link lessons to history standards.'

    Award winning site provides curriculum support, K-12, in geography.

    Newseum: the Interactive Museum of News
    Online exhibits and other information on the international news media from the Newseum, sponsored by the Freedom Forum.

    NYPL Digital Gallery
    Browse or search The New York Public Library digital collection of 275,000 images (more coming) from primary sources and printed rarities, including illuminated manuscripts, maps, posters, prints and photographs ephemera, illustrated books, etc.

    Recorded Sound Reference Center
    Access the commercial and archival audio holdings of the Library of Congress, including its recorded sound catalog, online recordings, and NBC Radio Archive.

    Repositories of Primary Resources
    A listing of over 5000 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.

    Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture (Duke University)
    Sponsored by the Small Business Administration, this training site for entrepreneurial women provides access to articles on marketing, finance, management, technology, etc. Message Boards are available for exchanging ideas.

    Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
    Search the catalogs, archives, inventories, research collections, etc. of 20 museum and gallery libraries.

    History, use, and meanings of thousands of Western signs and symbols. Graphic and word indexes. Based on Carl G. Luingman's Thought Signs.

    UCLA E-Resources
    Selected internet Sources on various academic topics. A most comprehensive and thoughtfully organized collection of links.

    United States Courts
    Provides information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.

    Victoria Research Web: Victorian Resources
    Studies in 19th century British history and literature.

    Voice of the Shuttle
    Extensive links to every variety of Web site in the humanities, law, political science, anthropology, business and media studies.

    The Wars for Vietnam (Vassar College)
    A detailed, well-produced website emphasizing America's involvement in Vietnam. Contains a wealth of primary documents and links to image resources, veteran's organizations, and Vietnamese cultural sites.

    Weather Post: Historical Weather Database
    Search by city, state or country for weather information (temperature, precipitation, etc.) since 1960 for over 2,000 cities.

    Women's Legal History Biography Project
    A collection of biographical papers by students at Stanford University Law School. The subjects include living and historic women lawyers. The site includes an index to the profiles, articles, research leads, bibliographies, photographs, and links to other sources.

    World War I Document Archive (Brigham Young University Library), The
    Extensive primary documents archive of the Great War, including conventions, treaties, personal reminiscences, WWI image archive, and a biographical dictionary.

    World War I: Trenches on the Web
    Detailed, well-crafted website exploring all aspects of the Great War. Great graphics include maps and photo archives.

    WWW Virtual Library
    Distributed subject catalog. Megasite, constantly updated.


    David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
    Growing collection of digitized maps, focusing on 18th and 19th century North and South American cartographic materials. Search or browse.


    Economic Time Series Page
    Data and charts for over 68,000 economic indicators, some providing data back to the 18th century. Services include government, traditional associations, etc.

    Statistics- International

    BBC News Country Profiles
    Descriptive information on all countries of the world include history, politics, and economy. Also provides links to audio or video clips from the BBC archives.

    Country Reports
    Current information, primarily statistical, on countries around the world.

    Index Mundi
    Find statistics on regions and countries around the world, including cross national and historical comparison tables. Based on data from the CIA World Factbook.

    World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers
    International statistics on defense spending and arms transfers. Requires Adobe Acrobat.

    Statistics- United States

    US Census Bureau
    Official source of demographic and economic statistics for the US Selected international statistics also available. Includes links to other government statistics sources.

    Vital Statistics of the United States
    Tables break down data on births, birth rates, and fertility rates by race, age, state and region, residency status, marital status and other indicators. Many tables include data from previous years some back to 1909.