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    Electronic Books - Subject Guide

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    Managing the Price of College (US Dept of Education)
    Designed to illustrate how families with different income levels pay for college. Many tables for comparison.

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    Directory of Open Access Books
    Searchable index to peer-reviewed monographs and edited volumes published under an open-access model.

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    The Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of about 14,000 classic public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. Searchable by keyword, author and title.

    Bartleby Library
    "Great books online." Free eBooks, including many of Shakespeare's plays and many Harvard Classics.

    Eldritch Press
    Full text of literary and other works in the public domain. Includes literature in English translation from around the world, as well as selected scientific classics.

    Electronic Literature Directory
    Links to works in all genres using multimedia tools to create literature. Search or browse by author, by genre or by technique.

    The Elements of Style (Bartleby)
    Full text of William Strunk's classic guide to proper usage.

    Search or browse for short factual articles. Extensive cross references and links to additional sources (some of which charge fees).

    English Language Resources (Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia)
    Electronic versions of thousands of texts in English.

    The Eserver
    The EServer is an arts and humanities e-publishing co-op based at Iowa State University where hundreds of writers, editors and scholars gather to publish over 35,000 works free of charge.

    Familiar Quotations
    Search the 1919 edition of Bartlett's quotation dictionary. Part of Project Bartleby.

    Humanities Text Initiative (University of Michigan)
    Reference and humanities resources, primarily in SGML.

    HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook
    Hypertext book on introductory statistics. Includes links to related sources.

    IMF Staff Country Reports in Full Text
    In depth reports on economic and related information for selected countries. Very large .pdf files load and print slowly. Scroll down on right hand column to find all of the years for the reports and much more.

    Internet Archive: Text Archive
    Links to collections of online texts. Recently announced plans to add the holdings of major research libraries around the world.

    Internet Classics Library
    Classical literature, primarily Greco-Roman, in 19th Century English translations.

    Library of Economics and Liberty
    Online books and essays (mostly classics) in Economics as well as opinion, links to economic data and institutions, and other recommended links.

    National Academies Press
    Full text of over 3,700 current books published by NAP. Listed by subject, with keyword or concept search option.

    The On-Line Books Page (University of Pennsylvania)
    Rapidly growing, searchable catalog of books, archival material and more.

    The Online Medieval and Classical Library (Berkeley Digital Library)
    Full text of some of the most important literary works of the period. Some in English translations. Search or browse. Also links to additional text sources.

    Online Texts Collection (Internet Public Library)
    Provides links to texts stored on servers all over the world.

    Project Gutenberg
    Access to full text of public domain works. Created and maintained by volunteers.

    The Universal Digital Library (hosted by Carnegie Mellon University)
    Links to art, books, journals, etc.

    University of California eScholarship Editions
    Growing collection of electronic books, with approximately 1/2 available to all users (remainder available to University of California users only) Search or browse, watching for those marked "public."

    University of Virginia Text Collections
    Literary, historical, and critical texts that may be read and searched online. Initially only a limited number of recently digitized texts are available through the Repository, but more will be added on a regular basis through new production and the consolidation of existing text collections from across the Library. Some of the text is limited to University of Virginia authorized users, only.

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