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    Biology - Subject Guide

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    Sections in this category: General Resources | Biographies | Dictionaries | Encyclopedias

    General Resources

    Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development
    Career Services Shelves TP248.2 .F737 2008 Check Status

    Career Opportunities in Conservation and the Environment
    Career Services Shelves S945 .G74 2008 Check Status

    Animals and Science: A Guide to the Debates
    Examines the debates surrounding issues of animal rights, consciousness, and self awareness.

    Presents basic scientific principles and how genetics is used determining and modifying the genetic code, predicting and curing disease, and solving crimes.

    The Great Dinosaur Controversy: A Guide to the Debates
    A guide to the most important scientific controversies surrounding dinosaur paleontology.

    Guide to Seashells of the World
    Identification guide to seashells of the world.

    Keywords and Concepts in Evolutionary Developmental Biology
    Comprehensive guide to keywords and concepts in evolutionary developmental biology.

    Plant Sciences
    Introduces the fundamentals of plant sciences, such as cells, transportation and photosynthesis, and also examines related fields, such as agribusiness, conservation and ethnobotany.

    Princeton Guide to Ecology
    Covers everything from the fundamentals of ecology to its applications to conservation biology, climate change and implications for ecosystems, as well as general problems of managing the biosphere and fisheries management. There also are several chapters on ecological economics, a new and rapidly developing field that examines the interplay between ecology and economics.

    Rivers of North America
    Exploratory guide to the physical, chemical, biological, and environmental aspects of North America's rivers.

    World of Microbiology and Immunology
    Addresses current ethical, legal and social issues with special emphasis given to biological warfare and terrorism. Topical and biographical entries are alphabetically arranged and cross-referenced.


    The Cambridge Dictionary of Sciences
    One stop reference for the life and work of those who created science up to the present day.

    One Hundred and One Botanists
    This book is an excellent collection of the lives of important botanists throughout time.


    The American Heritage Science Dictionary
    Dictionary of all major concepts of science.

    Black's Veterinary Dictionary
    An invaluable first reference source for all involved with, or interested in, animals.

    Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution
    Study tool for both professionals and students covering a broad range of subjects within human biology, physical anthropology, anatomy, auxology, primatology, physiology, genetics, paleontology, and zoology.

    Collins Dictionary of Biology
    Dictionary of all major concepts of biology.

    Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, Wiley
    Dictionary of terms, research, history, and notable people in the field of developmental biology and embryology.

    Dictionary of Microbiology & Molecular Biology
    Covers the whole field of pure and applied microbiology and microbial molecular biology, from A to Zythia.

    Illustrated Dictionary of Science, Andromeda
    Illustrated dictionary covering all the major scientific disciplines.

    Macmillan Dictionary of Toxicology
    Comprised of concise, informative entries on all the most important terms in toxicology.

    The Macquarie Dictionary of Trees & Shrubs
    Comprehensive listing of the plants found in Australian gardens.

    McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
    Terminology and keywords relating to science and technology. Mortensen Library Reference: Q123 .M15 2002 Check Status

    Penguin Dictionary of Biology
    Dictionary of biological concepts and newest developments in the field.

    The Penguin Dictionary of Science
    Comprehensive reference guide to all things science.


    Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia
    Animals catalogs everything from aardvarks to zebras with special focus on the superlatives that appeal to children: biggest, fastest, strongest, and strangest

    Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology
    Full range of subject areas associated with plant pathology.

    Encyclopedia of Bioethics
    Covering a wealth of topics on the ethics of health professions, animal research, population control and the environment, the set helps researchers to consider the impact of new scientific knowledge and its potential to harm or benefit present and future generations.

    Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
    Encyclopedia of dinosaurs and dinosaur science.

    Encyclopedia of Insects
    Comprehensive work devoted to all aspects of insects.

    Encyclopedia of Paleontology
    Guide to vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology.

    Encyclopedia of Science (Gale)
    Covers all major areas of science, engineering, technology, as well as mathematics and the medical and health sciences, while providing a comprehensive overview of current scientific knowledge and technology.

    Encyclopedia of the Human Genome
    Presenting a comprehensive and rigorously detailed overview of current research and its groundbreaking applications, this major reference work examines many peripheral topics surrounding the field such as ethics and the law, medicine and public health, history, religion and industry.

    Endangered Species
    Color photographs and maps provide further illustrate the many species threatened by extinction, including amphibians, birds, crustaceans, fish, insects, mammals, mollusks, reptiles, and more.

    Academic Search Premier
    Indexing and abstracts for over 8,000 journals in all subject areas, with full text of articles from nearly 4,600. Includes some popular magazines as well as scholarly journals.

    American Chemical Society Publications: Journals Search
    Search the authors, titles, or text of articles from publications of the ACS. Search a single journal from the list, or the entire collection. Selected titles available back to 1879 in Archives. Full text articles are available.

    Applied Science and Technology Index
    Indexing of articles from over 400 English language journals covering technical fields, including engineering, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc. Limited number of simultaneous users. Be sure to logout/exit before closing your browser.

    ArXiv e-print Archive
    arXiv is an e-print service in the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, quantitative biology and statistics. This site is maintained and operated by Cornell University. Papers are submitted by the author's and are subject to edits at any time. Full text available.

    Energy Citations Database
    Searchable database of information on research sponsored by the US Department of Energy and its predecessors. Some full text online, ordering information for those not online.

    E-Print Network
    Searchable gateway to documents in scientific and technical fields of concern to the US Department of Energy. Full text available.

    FindArticles (Look Smart)
    Searches for articles in approximately 900 magazines and journals. Emphasis on trade publications. Text only - no graphic content available. Some articles available to subscribers or for a fee only.

    Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Search the tables of contents or full text of selected reference books in business, education, the environment, medicine biology, and the social sciences.

    Google Scholar
    Search for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources. Includes peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, etc. Particularly strong in sciences and social sciences. Selected full text. Many links are to publisher's sites which sell access. ON Campus - links to U of H holdings are available. OFF Campus - U of H users should check our holdings and use Interlibrary Services as needed.

    JSTOR Life Sciences Collection
    Searchable full text of articles from selected scholarly journals in life sciences. No current issues available. Historical coverage varies, but database includes some titles from before 1950. Access to this database is made possible by Elisabeth R. Swain, PhD Endowment. Once you are in JSTOR, you are searching all of the University of Hartford owned JSTOR products.

    Years Covered: 1840-Present
    Comprehensive database of international literature, covering every aspect of medicine and healthcare. Accessible through two services. If one is busy, try another. Abstracts available.

    Research in primatology, covering ecology, biology, psychology, health sciences and other fields. Citations of articles in journals dating since 1940. Managed by the Wisconsin Primate Research Center, with funding from the National Institutes of Health. Bibliography.

    ProQuest Biology Journals
    The database includes over 300 biology titles, with more than 265 available in full text. ProQuest Biology Journals includes some of the most popular information resources for users in academic, government, and public research environments.

    Proquest Science Journals
    Search full text and images for the leading periodicals in science and technology. Subject coverage includes computers, engineering, physics, telecommunications, and transportation. ProQuest Science Journals features over 620 titles - with more than 500 available in full text.

    Public Library of Science
    A nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource.

    PubMed (MEDLINE)
    Comprehensive database of international literature, covering every aspect of medicine and healthcare. Accessible through two services. If one is busy, try another. Abstracts available with limited full text.

    PubMed Central
    Free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journals, maintained by the US National Institutes of Health. Some journals do not include current issues. Digitization program underway to build complete back files. Full text available.

    Science Reference Center
    Science Reference Center is a comprehensive research database that provides easy access to a multitude of full text science-oriented content. This database contains full text for nearly 640 science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, etc. Topics covered include: biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, health & medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science & society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife.
    This site is a free, publicly available web portal allowing access to numerous scientific journals and public science databases. Search for materials in the topics of astronomy, biology, chemistry, computers, environmental sciences, engineering, health and medicine, materials science, mathematics, physics, and social sciences. Full text. Also includes links to related sites.

    SciFinder Scholar is an application that provides access to the CAS databases, Chemical Abstracts and Registry. You must use your University email account to register (example: Registration and use must occur on campus. Click this PDF for more detailed instructions:
    SciFinder Instructions (PDF)

    Link for registration: SciFinder Registration
    Global science gatewayaccelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases and portals.

    Search below titles here to find complete library holdings.
    Journal Title:

    Applied and Environmental Microbiology
    Free full-text journal available through PubMed.

    Biology of Reproduction
    Free full-text online journal (April 1969 - present).

    BMC Biotechnology
    Free, full-text online journal publishing information on the us of biological macromolecules/organisms for use in pharmaceuticals, experiments, and agrobiology.

    BMC Veterinary Research
    Free, online, full-text journal of original research articles in all aspects of veterinary medicine.

    Cytogenetic and Genome Research
    Full-text online journal of genome research. Coverage is from 1996 - one year ago. University of Hartford users only.

    Free, online access to full-text of a peer-reviewed journal. Print available in Mortensen Library. Online coverage is from 1916 - 3 months ago.

    Genetics, Selection, Evolution
    Free full-text online journal. Coverage is from 2000 to one year ago.

    Genome Research
    Free, full-text online journal of genome research. Coverage is from 1997 - six months ago.

    Use these subject headings to search by general topic in our Library catalog. Copy the subject heading into the search box and use the drop down menu to search by "Subject". There are many more possible subjects than what we have listed here, but these should get you started.

    Medical Subject Headings
    Explanation of NLM's (Medline/Pubmed) MESH Subject Headings, how they work and how to use them.

    Sections in this category: General Resources | Connecticut | Dictionaries | Encyclopedias

    General Resources
    Examines such issues as biodiversity, genomics, biotechnology, and evolution. Includes peer-reviewed articles, papers from outside sources, lesson plans correlated to the US National Science Education Standards (NSES) and related links.

    American Institute of Biological Sciences
    News, programs, services and announcements of the Institute.

    Animal Skull Collection
    A collection of images of mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, fish and crustacean. Legend is provided as well as skull preparation information.

    Annual Reviews
    Search engine for all 26 of Annual Reviews' products with table of contents and abstracts.

    Audubon Online Field Guides
    Searchable field guides to over 4,800 plant and animal species.

    Biodidac Project
    Biology image resource. Images may be searched and browsed in three major categories: zoology, botany, and histology

    Biodiversity Heritage Library
    The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) is a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries that cooperate to digitize and make accessible the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections and to make that literature available for open access and responsible use as a part of a global biodiversity commons.

    Bioethics Internet Project (U. of Pennsylvania)
    The Center for Bioethics contains timely special reports, an extensive virtual library, and a Bioethics for Beginners Website with educational tools to help students learn more about what bioethics means and how to engage in bioethics research.

    Biology Project
    Designed for high school and college biology students, this site has problem sets and tutorials in Biochemistry, cell biology, chemicals and human health, developmental biology, human biology, immunology, mendelian genetics, and molecular biology. Some modules are available in Spanish.

    BioMed Central
    Provides rapid identification and reporting of research in biological sciences and clinical medicine. Provides service for authors wishing to publish research reports using either full peer-review process or a pre-print non-peer-reviewed deposition.

    This project supports an extended network of educators interested in the reform of undergraduate biology. The materials have been designed to support an active "learning by doing" approach to the teaching and learning of biology.

    Institute for Biosecurity - St. Louis University School of Public Health
    links to web sites, articles, government documents, and research reports from credible sources, such as academic institutions and professional organizations. Useful for those in the health professions, biology, and sciences.

    Bio-Integral Resource Center - Offers insight in the development and communication of least-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally sound Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. The site includes an "Online Organic Database" which provides citations to papers, a definition of IPM, information about IPM for lawns, and a list of BIRC publications.

    British Society for Plant Pathology
    Mega site of Internet resources on plant pathology, applied entomology and related fields. Topical sections include mythology, nematology, virology, pesticides and biotechnology.

    Job postings, company information, job hunting tips for chemistry and chemical engineering. Sponsored by the American Chemical Society. Optional account set-up.

    Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
    National Cancer Institute has established CGAP to utilize interdisciplinary research teams to achieve a comprehensive molecular characterization of normal, precancerous, and malignant cells.

    Cells Alive!
    A unique educational vehicle providing timely and visually exciting material about cells of the immune system, bacteria and parasites.

    Center for Disease Control
    Resources on diseases, health risks, prevention, guidelines and strategies information.

    Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps
    Global links to plant communities, forest coverage, land use, natural resources, biodiversity, soils, rain forests, and protected and endangered areas. Provided by Stanford University Libraries.

    Electronic archive for papers in any area of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics, as well as portions of computer Science, Philosophy, Biology and other fields pertinent to the study of cognition.

    Darwin Correspondence Project
    A catalog with summaries of all letters to and from Charles Darwin known to the project.

    Databases at the National Agricultural Library
    A catalog with summaries of all letters to and from Charles Darwin known to the project.

    Dendrome: Forest Tree Genome Database
    Central electronic resource for the study of forest tree genomes. Collection of databases and other genetic information resources for the international forest genetics community.

    Digital Ditch Unit Converter
    Automatically calculates equivalent units of measure for area, density, force, mass, etc.

    Digital Morphology
    This site is a dynamic archive of information on digital morphology and high resolution X-ray computed tomography of biological specimens. Includes images and information about living and extinct plants and animals.

    DNA Interactive
    Contains information about the discovery if DNA structure, the human manipulation of genes, genetic mapping, and current applications in healthcare and forensic analysis.

    Genetically Modified Pest Protected Plants
    Free report released on April 5, 2000, offers a cautious endorsement of biotech foods but calls for more oversight and regulation.

    GenomeNet WWW Server
    Japanese genome databank is searchable.

    Guide to Poisonous Plants
    Information on poisonous plants which includes common and botanic name, photographs, toxic principle and treatment for both animals and humans. Links include poison centers.

    Gulf of Mexico Studies (Harte Research Institute)
    Encourages long-term sustainability and conservation of the Gulf of Mexico.

    HIV InSite
    Comprehensive text book on HIV disease. Additional chapters will be posted. Clearinghouse for AIDS related information for practitioners, patients, and others. Includes resources, social issues, state statistics, US map. Searchable.

    Human Origins Program (Smithsonian institution)
    Dedicated to understanding the biological and cultural foundations of human life.

    Internet for the Molecular Biologist
    Key resources in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, and genetics.

    Jena Library of Biological Macromolecules
    Provides easy access to graphical structural information on biological macromolecules. Contains RNA structures from the Protein Data Bank, and Nucleic Acid Bank.

    Library and Information Services Gateway (Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University)
    Offers information on the ethical, legal, and public policy aspects of healthcare.

    Molecular Models
    Over 1100 molecular models. Search several index to identify and download models. Requires pdb.

    Nanoworld Image Gallery
    Provides scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) images in nineteen categories including blood. cellular ultrastructure, pollen, yeast, insects, and digestion.

    National Center for Biotechnology Information
    GenBank - resources for human genome, gene sequence; Taxonomy; Structure - molecular modeling database.

    National Digital Library (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
    Browse or search for images of animals, bodies of water, environmental issues, habitats/landscapes, biological management, and plants. Many images are in the public domain.

    National Institutes of Health
    Under Health Information - resources for cancer, AIDS, bone marrow transplants, clinical alerts, etc.

    National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature
    Specialized collection of materials relevant to medical ethics and biomedical research.

    National Science Digital Library
    This site offers resources for teachers and librarians, reviews recent headlines related to science, and offers the opportunity to "Ask NSDL".

    NCBI Coffee Break
    Biweekly series of short reports on recent biomedical discoveries.

    North American Mammals
    This is a searchable database of all living mammals of North America. Searchable by species name and conservation status, and browsable through a map of North America and an interactive family tree. Also includes a glossary and searchable special collections of skull, bone, and teeth images.

    Nutritional Genomics
    This site focuses on providing information and news on issues related to diet and nutrition and how they influence human health.

    Omics Gateway
    Comprehensive web resource devoted to genomics.

    Organic Chemistry Resources World-wide
    Provides Chemical information sources, databases, articles, patents, current books, guides to chemical literature and style guides.

    Periodic Table Web Elements (Professional Edition)
    Point and click periodic table links to basic chemical information about the elements.

    PLoS Biology (Public Library of Science)
    Monthly, peer reviewed, scholarly, open access journal covering all aspects of biology, Issues available since October 2003. Sign up for free monthly email alerts.

    PLoS Computational Biology (Public Library of Science)
    Monthly, peer reviewed, scholarly, open access journal. Beginning publication June 2005. Sign up for free monthly email alerts.

    PLoS Genetics (Public Library of Science)
    Monthly, peer reviewed, scholarly, open access journal. Beginning publication July 2005. Sign up for free monthly email alerts.

    Protocol Online
    This site features a database of research protocols for life scientists seeking comprehensive information on laboratory protocols and methods for bioinformatics, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, proteomics, cell biology, genetics, plant biology, etc. Also hosts discipline specific discussion forums.

    PubChem (National Library of Medicine)
    Database of chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities. Search for compound, substance, bioassay, or structure.

    ResearchGate is a social and professional network for researchers and scientists with many features designed specifically for the sciences: a search engine that searches 7 major databases (e.g., PubMed, NASA, IEEE) and thousands of smaller Open Access ones, self-archiving, information on thousands of journals and publishers, an events board, job listings, file-sharing, a blogging platform, and much more.

    Gateway to hundreds of sources of information in all areas of science. Arranged in broad subject categories. Searchable. Updated daily with science news.
    Searchable gateway to science and technology information from US government science agencies. Information available in fields including pure and applied sciences, health sciences, and science education.

    SORA: Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
    Indexes seven primary sources for ornithological research. Many articles available in full-text.

    Subject Resources (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
    Links to a wide variety of web-based information resources. Includes databases and e-journals (some of which are restricted to LANL staff). Arranged by subject.

    Tree of Life
    Designed to contain information about the phylogenic relationships and characteristics of organisms.

    Main advocate for global action on HIV/AIDS. Country-specific estimates and data available. Full text of report from Thirteenth International AIDS Conference.

    US Geological Survey
    Provides information in the areas of hazards, natural resources, environment, and information management. Striking images.

    Vascular Plant Image Gallery
    No-nonsense botany teaching resource. Vascular plants are arranged alphabetically by family. Brief descriptions are provided, and the site is searchable.

    Virtual Autopsy
    Site presents seven real autopsies that allow user to click through the autopsy and arrive at cause of death. Clinical case histories and images with descriptions of various organs and system are provided.

    Visible Human Project
    Digitized images of male and female human cadavers which are scanned using CAT and MRI techniques.

    Visual Elements Periodic Table
    Provides html and Flash versions of the Periodic Table plus historical information and information about each element.

    World Health Organization
    Resources on organization, activities; WHO Gopher, WWW index and search engine.

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
    Extensive information on endangered animals.


    CURE: Connecticut's BioScience Cluster
    Information, news, employment links, etc. on an organization linking private and public organizations involved in bioscience research and development in Connecticut.


    List of articles and public releases scientific disciplines, geared toward education. Searchable.


    KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
    Is an effort to computerize current knowledge of molecular and cellular biology.