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General Resources

Cecilia Reclaimed: Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Music
Edited by Susan C. Cook and Judy S. Tsou. Allen Library Stacks [ML82 C660 C] Check Status

Cultivating Music in America: Women Patrons and Activists since 1860
Edited by Ralph P. Locke and Cyrilla Barr. Allen Library Stacks [ML82 C85] Check Status

Feminine Endings: Music, Gender and Sexuality
By Susan McClary. Allen Library Stacks [ML82 M36 F46] Check Status

Gender and Rock
By Mary Celeste Kearney. Allen Library Stacks [ML3918 R63 K43 2017] Check Status

International Encyclopedia of Women Composers
By Aaron I. Cohen. Allen Library Reference [REF ML105 W87 C 1987] Check Status

Keyboard Music by Women Composers
By Joan Meggett. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 P5 M4] Check Status

Musical Woman: An International Perspective
By Judith Lang Zaimont. Allen Library Stacks [ML82 M98 Z] Check Status

Norton/Grove Dictionary of Women Composers
Edited by Julie Anne Sadie and Rhian Samuels. Allen Library Reference [REF ML105 N67W] Check Status

Say Can You Deny Me: A Guide to Surviving Music by Women from the 16th through the 18th Centuries
By Barbara Garvey Jackson. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 W8 J] Check Status

Stormy Weather: The Music and Lives of a Century of Jazz Women
By Linda Dahl. Allen Library Stacks [ML82 D13 1989] Check Status

Women and Music in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Edited by Ellen Koskoff. Allen Library Stacks [ML82 K67 W65] Check Status


Black Women Composers: A Century of Piano Music
Edited by Helen Walker -Hill. Allen Library Stacks [M21 B61] Check Status

Contemporary Anthology of Music by Women
Edited by James R. Briscoe. Allen Library Stacks [M1 C65 1997] Check Status

New Historical Anthology of Music by Women
Edited by James R. Briscoe. Allen Library Stacks [M2 H57 2004] Check Status

Women Composers: Music Through the Ages.
Edited by Martha Furman Schleifer and Sylvia Glickman. Allen Library Stacks [M2 W6 1996] Check Status

Women in Music: An Anthology of Source Readings from the Middle Ages to the Present
Edited by Carol Neuls -Bates. Allen Library Stacks [ML82 N48 W] Check Status


Music by Black Women Composers: A Bibliography of Available Scores
By Helen Walker -Hill. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 W8 W35] Check Status

Women and Music: A Selective Annotated Bibliography on Women and Gender Issues in Music, 1987 -1992
By Margaret D. Ericson. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 W8 E75] Check Status

Women in American Music: a Bibliography of Music and Literature
By Adrienne Fried Block. Allen Library Reference [REF ML128 W8 B] Check Status

Women in Music: An Encyclopedic Biobibliography
By Donald L. Hixon. Allen Library Reference [REF ML105 W87 H 1993] Check Status

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[REF] ML128 W8

Women musicians

NX180 F4
Feminism and the arts

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IAWM Journal (International Alliance for Women in Music)

Women and Music

Women of Note Quarterly

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General Resources

Arsis Press: Concert Music by Women Composers
Lists publications and biographical information about many women composers. Includes links to other sites useful to women in music.

Catalog of music by women composers. Includes printed music, CDs, books, and news.

Ladyslipper Music
This site has a comprehensive annotated Catalog & Resource Guide of Music by Women with information about a variety of female musicians, writers, performers, and composers.

Music Theory Examples By Women
Database of music by women composers, categorized by theoretical concept. The examples, either excerpts or full works, include the score and a recording.

Women Song Composers
A searchable database that contains 5116 songs by 515 women composers published in the United States and England, ca. 1890-1930, includes titles, poets, publishers, dates, and historical information.

Individual Composers

Clara `96
Home page for Clara Wieck Schumann. Includes newsletter, biographical information, and list of works.

Hildegard von Bingen
Contains online documents of Hildegard von Bingen, including discography, music, and information about Bingen, Germany.


International Alliance for Women in Music
Located at Abilene Christian University, this site includes bibliographies, discographies, composer information, concerts, organizations, and other resources about women in music.

Women in Music National Network
Information about careers, news, events, and professional resources presented by a non-profit organization devoted to recognizing and promoting women in the music industry.


ClarNan Editions
Publisher of historic music by women composers since 1984. Includes CDs.

Hildegard Publishing Company
Publisher founded in 1988 to promote and preserve the music of women composers of the past and present.