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General Resources

All You Need to Know About the Music Business, 9th ed.
By Donald S. Passman. Allen Library Reference [REF ML3790 P37 A44 2015] Check Status

Artist Management for the Music Business, 3rd ed.
By Paul Allen. Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 A34 A7 2015] Check Status

Arts Management: Uniting Arts and Audiences in the 21st Century
By Ellen Rosewall. Allen Library Stacks [NX760 R67] Check Status

The Cycle: A Practical Approach to Managing Arts Organizations
By Michael M. Kaiser. Allen Library Stacks [PN1584 K35 C93] Check Status

Leading Roles: 50 Questions Every Arts Board Should Ask
By Michael M. Kaiser. Allen Library Stacks [NX765 K35 L4 2010] Check Status

Managing Your Band, 6th ed.
By Stephen Marcone. Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 M33 M3 2017] Check Status

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide, 10th ed.
By David and Tim Baskerville. Allen Library Stacks [ML3795 B31 2013] Check Status

Music, Money, and Success: The Insider's Guide to Making Money in the Music Business, 7th ed.
By Jeffrey Brabec. Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 B73 M9 2011] Check Status

Musicpreneur: The Creative Approach to Making Money in Music
By Aaron Bethune. Allen Library Stacks [ML3795 B47 M87 2013] Check Status

Ticket Masters: The Rise of the Concert Industry and How the Public Got Scalped
By Dean Budnick. Allen Library Stacks [PN1590 T53 B83 2012] Check Status

What They'll Never Tell You About the Music Business, 3rd ed.
By Peter M. Thall. Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 T43 W43 2016] Check Status


Concepts of Music and Copyright
Edited by Andreas Rahmatian. Allen Library Stacks [KF3035 R73] Check Status

Kohn on Music Licensing, 4th edn. (2010)
By Al and Bob Kohn. Allen Library Reference [KF3035 K64 2009] Check Status

Moser on Music Copyright (2006)
By David Moser. Allen Library Stacks [KF3035 M67 M67]
Helpful starting point for understanding various aspects of music copyright. Check Status

Music and Copyright (2008)
by Ronald S. Rosen. Allen Library Shelves [KF3035 R67] Check Status

The Public Domain: How To Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More (2014)
By Stephen Fishman.
Mortensen Library Reference [KF3022 .F575 2017]
Allen Library [KF3022 .F575 P83 2014] Check Status

Steal This Music: How Intellectual Property Law Affects Musical Creativity
By Joanna Teresa Demers. Allen Library Stacks [KF3035 D45] Check Status

Getting Permission: How to Licence and Clear Copyrighted Materials Online and Off, 6th ed.
By Richard Stim. Allen Library Stacks [KF2995 S85 G47 2016] Check Status


Billboard's International Talent & Touring Directory
Allen Library Reference [ML18 B56 T36] Check Status

National Directory of Arts Internships
Allen Library Reference [NX280 N3 2008] and more online Check Status

Pollstar: Artist Management Directory
Allen Library Reference [ML12 P655 A78] Check Status

Pollstar: Booking Agency Directory
Allen Library Reference [ML12 P655 B6] Check Status

Pollstar: Concert Support Services
Allen Library Reference [ML12 P655 C6] Check Status

Pollstar: Concert Venue Directory
Allen Library Reference [ML12 P655 C65] Check Status

Pollstar: Talent Buyer Directory
Allen Library Reference [ML12 P655 T3] Check Status


Cash In! Funding and Promoting the Arts
By Alvin Reiss. Allen Library Stacks [NX765 R45 C37] Check Status

Free Expression in Arts Funding: A Public Policy Report
By the Free Expression Policy Project. Mortensen Library Stacks [NX180.F74 F74 2003] Check Status

Getting Funded: A Complete Guide to Proposal Writing
By Mary S. Hall. Allen Library Stacks [LB2825 H35 G48] Check Status

Grant Writing: Practical Strategies for Scholars and Professionals
Online resource available through the library catalog. Check Status

Successful Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations
By Carolyn L. Stolper. Allen Library Stacks [NX765 S86 S93] Check Status


The 11 Contracts that Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Know
By Steve Gordon. Allen Library Stacks [ML3795 G67 C6 2017] Check Status

The Enterprising Musician's Guide to Performer Contracts
By David R. Williams. Allen Library Stacks [ML3795 W55 2017] Check Status

Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business, 8th ed.
By Richard Stim. Allen Library Stacks [KF390 M87 S85 2015] Check Status

The Musician's Business and Legal Guide (2017)
Edited by Mark Halloran. Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 H37 M87 2017] Check Status


Bobby Owsinski's Social Media Promotion for Musicians
Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 O87 S63] Check Status

Music Marketing for the DIY Musician
By Bobby Borg. Allen Library Stacks [ML3795 B674 M8] Check Status

Music Marketing: Press, Promotion, Distribution, and Retail
By Mike King. Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 K55 M87] Check Status

This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion
By Tad Lathrop. Allen Library Stacks [ML3790 L37 T45 2003] Check Status

Below are call number ranges for areas within this topic. Use these call numbers to browse the library shelves when you have a general idea of what you want, but don't have a specific item in mind.

HD28 - HD70

HF5412 - HF5415

Grants and Fundraising

Public Relations

Community Organization

Music Licensing


ML3790 - ML3792
Music Trade

NX700 - NX770
Patronage and administration of the arts

Communication & Mass Media

PN1560 - PN1590
Performing Arts Management

PN2291 - PN2293
Theatre & Performing Arts Management

Thousands of the leading English language business and management journals. Full text and/or full image available for most articles after 1989. Indexing and abstracts from 1970. Also searches Hoover's Company Records for company and industry information. Made available by, the Connecticut Digital Library.

Academic Search Premier
Indexing and abstracts for over 8,000 journals in all subject areas, with full text of articles from nearly 4,600. Includes some popular magazines as well as scholarly journals.

BuzzAngle Music
Available in the Allen Library on computer #2 (Allen-02), BuzzAngle Music is a music data analytics reporting service which includes access to daily song and album data from physical and digital sales, audio and video streaming activity, social media, and terrestrial and satellite airplay data. It allows users to rank or filter by city, genre, date, and more. Week-To-Date charts are updated each day to reflect previous day's sales and streaming activity. It includes data from major physical and digital retailers and over 225 independent record stores, direct-to-fan sites, venue sales agents, major digital on-demand streamers, and radio airplay from Mediabase, to track reactions at the local or national level.

Emerald Fulltext
Database of articles from approximately 200 journals covering business, management, and administration issues. Full text. Available in both PDF and HTML formats.

Music Index Online
Years Covered: 1973-Present
Identifies articles in over 700 music journals. Covers classical, jazz, popular, folk, and world music, including musicology, ethnomusicology, theory, applied and professional topics, music education, music industry, and reviews. Allen Library also has printed volumes: 1949-1998, [Ref] ML113 M9. UH access only.

Music Industry Data
Years Covered: 1953-present
Music Industry Data is a repository of historical and current sales rankings for classical and pop artists, albums, and singles. It includes rankings from over 20 countries. Formerly titled Academic Charts Online Music Data and Analysis.

Music Periodicials Database (formerly International Index to Music Periodicals; IIMP)
Identifies articles in over 400 music journals, including scholarly, applied, music education, and popular topics. Has full article descriptions 1996-present. Has brief descriptions for some journals back to their inception. Includes full text for many articles. UH access only.

Musical America
Read performing arts news, find facilities and festivals, locate artists and managers, and more.

Search both electronic and paper volumes to find complete library holdings.

Journal Title:


Box Office
Online | Print: Check Status

Chamber Music Magazine
Check Status

Communication Arts

Check Status

Inside Arts

Online | Print: Check Status

International Journal of Arts Management
Online | Print: Check Status

The Journal of Arts Management & Law
Online | Print: Check Status

Media, Culture, and Society
Online | Print: Check Status

NARAS Journal
Check Status

The New York Times

Online | Print: Check Status

Performing Arts Journal (print)
Check Status

Performing Arts Review

Check Status


Print access only, Allen Library Current Periodicals. Check Status

Rolling Stone
Online | Print: Check Status

Symphony Magazine
Check Status


Online | Print: Check Status

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Art law

Art patronage

Arts finance

Arts management

Arts marketing

Concert agents


Fund raising



Music and society

Music economic aspects
Also substitute terms like "arts" for music.

Music trade

Performing arts

Public relations

Sound recording industry

Sections in this category: General Resources | Performing Rights Organizations | Professional Organizations

General Resources

Arts Management & Technology Laboratory (AMT Lab @ CMU)
Information on the use of technology in arts management. Formerly called Technology in the Arts.

Future of Music Coalition
Not-for-profit collaboration between members of the music, technology, public policy, and intellectual property law communities. Their site includes articles and bibliographies, news stories, events calendar, and other useful information for musicians about insurance, contracts, etc.
News about the Grammy Foundation, the Recording Academy, and the general music industry.

Music Charts from Around the World
A list of links to popular music single and album charts for many countries.

Music Copyright Infringement Resource
Hundreds of documents (texts, scores and audio files) associated with music copyright infringement cases in the United States from 1845 forward. Sponsored by Columbia and USC law school (and formerly UCLA).

Performing Rights Organizations

ASCAP is one of the two largest performing rights organizations in the US. This website provides information and resources dealing with performing rights and licensing fees.

BMI is one of the two largest performing rights organizations in the US. This website provides information and resources dealing with performing rights and licensing fees.

National Music Publishers' Association
In addition to news and information about music publishing, this site includes useful links to related national and international sites.

The Recording Industry Association of America site has information on legislation, piracy, technology, statistics, and awards.

Professional Organizations

Home page of the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association. Includes faculty and job postings, research grant information, list of schools and programs, etc.

North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents
In addition to its newsletter and information on conferences, this site has a browseable database of artists and managers.