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Use this database to find music composed by Hartt School composition faculty members. Scores and recordings are located in the Allen Library at the University of Hartford.

To search the database, select the instruments or voices that you would like to include by checking the appropriate boxes. The list of works resulting from the search will include any works that contain those instruments, either alone or in combination with other instruments. (Example: If "violin" and "viola" are selected, the results will include available duos for violin and viola as well as string quartets, string trios, and any other works that contain both violin and viola.)


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Composition Techniques
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Welcome to the Hartt Composers Database! This database provides information about printed music in the Allen Library at the University of Hartford that was composed by Hartt School composition faculty members. It is searchable by instrumentation, number of performers, and composer. If a recording of a listed work is available in the library, a call number has been included in the information about the work. The database contains primarily chamber music at present, but does contain a few larger works. For information about larger works, such as orchestral works, or to obtain parts for works for which the library only has a score, please contact Lisa Wollenberg, Public Services Librarian, for assistance.

We expect the database to grow quite a lot in the next few years with the addition of new features such as
  • Score previews and, when possible, full scores
  • Works by more Hartt composers, including prominent alumni
  • More works for large ensembles
  • Streaming audio of select works
  • Searching by ensemble type, work title, or keywords
  • Composer works lists organized by instrumentation
Please come back again to see our progress! If you have any suggestions for other ways we could improve this database, please contact Jennifer Olson, Senior Cataloger, or Lisa Wollenberg, Public Services Librarian.

Tip: Remember to click the "clear" button between searches.

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