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Diemente, Edward.

Edward Diemente was born in Rhode Island in 1923 and received musical training from Boston University, Hartt College of Music and the Eastman School of Music. His principal teacher was composer Isadore Freed who was a pupil of Vincent D'Indy (who was a pupil of Cesar Franck). Diemente is presently Professor Emeritus of the University of Hartford where he taught at the Hartt School for over forty years. He was also Organist and Music Director at churches in the Hartford area including the Cathedral of St. Joseph. The composer's varied musical background, which includes church music, gave him experience in polyphonic music and Gregorian chant. This combined background, with a deep passion for the music of the past, an expanded vocabulary of twentieth century music gained from years of directing the electronic music studio at Hartt, and a love for jazz from his teen years, can be heard in his compositions. (from the University Archives biographical material) For Diemente, it comes down to this. Is the composerís music engaging? Is the audience caught up by what it hears? Will they leave the concert hall with a memory of something that has touched their humanity?

Printed Music Held in Allen Library
[Three Motets]
4 for Fun
Abide in Me
Bravo! Encore!
Chorale-Prelude for Piano
Clavier Sonata
Conversation for Four Pianos
Diary, Part I
Diary, Part II
Dimensions I
Dimensions II
Dimensions III
Dimensions IV
Dimensions V
The Eagles Gather
Easter Sunday
Eleven (Homage to Art Tatum)
For Lady Day
Forms of Flight and Fancy
Four Chambers, Five Nights
Four Pieces for Organ
Four Songs for Ordination
Four Waltzes for Piano
Hosanna I
Hosanna II
Hosanna III
I Will Bless The Lord
In a Call of Wind
Mirrors IV
Mirrors V
Mirrors VI
More Words
Orbits I
Organ Fanfare on the "Gaudeamus"
Psalm 4 and Psalm 90
Psalms and Refrains for the Funeral Service
Quartet in Memory of Flannery O'Connor
Quartet, 1966
Quartet, 1966, in memory of Adlai Stevenson
Salve Regina
Sarcasms for piano
Scenes from Miro
Seven Things from the Box of Magic
Some Faces of Love
Something Else
Songs for Winter
Things Heard
Three Pieces for Two Clarinets
Three Versets for Organ on the Theme Pange Lingua
Trio (1969)
Two Baroque Pieces
Two Pieces
Two Pieces for Organ
Two pieces for SATB chorus, unaccompanied
Two Preludes for Organ

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