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Privacy Policy

Commitment to Privacy

The University of Hartford Libraries (the "Libraries") value individual privacy concerning use of library resources, actively seek to preserve each library user's privacy rights and make every effort to protect the privacy of user circulation records and computer use. However, State of Connecticut law as well as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, 50 U.S.C. 1801, et seq., as amended by the USA Patriot Act (Public Law 107-56) may obligate the Libraries to release that information to law enforcement agents in response to a search warrant, subpoena, or other lawful directive. Under certain circumstances, applicable law may prohibit staff from informing a user that the Libraries received that directive. The following paragraphs set forth privacy policies relating to various library services. However, in legal terms, the Libraries do not offer these policies as a contractual promise, and the Libraries reserve a right to amend these policies at any time without notice. Policies in effect at the University of Hartford, as well as applicable Connecticut statutes and U.S. federal law, determine the Libraries' privacy and public records obligations.

Use of the Harrison Libraries’ Website

If a user connects to the Libraries' website from a workstation not maintained by a Libraries facility, then the Libraries solely record (for statistical purposes only) the time of day at which the user gains access to any resource at that website and any IP address or other domain from which the user makes a connection with the Libraries' website. However, the Libraries' website contains links to websites and licensed databases that are not maintained by the Libraries. The Libraries disclaim responsibility for any external website's privacy practices. One who uses a personal username/password in order to log on to a non-Libraries website should be sure to log off to protect one's privacy from any other individual who gains access to one's workstation. The Libraries also maintain several web-based management tools including forms for renewing books, asking reference questions, requesting interlibrary loans, etc. The Libraries use personally identifiable information collected and stored in the Libraries’ computer system only to maintain a user's library account and communicate with that user. The Libraries do not make this information available to any other entity outside the Libraries, unless required by law. In order to protect one's privacy in regard to these web-based management tools, one should always close one's web browser upon completing one's session. For more information, view the following University of Hartford Web Privacy Policy.

Borrowing University of Hartford Libraries’ Materials

For each valid user's Libraries account, the Libraries under strict confidentiality maintain personally identifiable information as part of the Libraries' circulation records. For administrative and auditing purposes, the Libraries record a link between any Libraries item that a user has currently charged out and that user's identity. Upon that item's return, the Libraries do not retain any record that the user has borrowed the item unless it was returned overdue, resulting in an overdue fine. The Libraries similarly retain user-linked records of any non-returned or lost item that is billed to that user for replacement. The Libraries' staff are prohibited from disclosing any user's currently-recorded identity link to a Libraries item, unless required by law.

Other Library Services

The Libraries additionally maintain confidential any record of information or material that a user seeks, receives or consults using any Libraries resource including, without limitation: any database search, reference interview, interlibrary loan, or other personally-identifiable use of any material, facility or service.